Largest human foot


Rotary Club of ­Berhampur, D 3262, organised a mega public awareness campaign to commemorate the World Polio Day (Oct 24), involving over 1,700 students from the city schools and colleges.

The students gathered together at the Berhampur stadium to form a large human image of a foot. The 132’x53’ formation was created within 34 minutes and 13 seconds, well within the 60 minutes deadline. Drones and multiple angle cameras captured the event.

The event involved 1,729 students surpassing the earlier Guinness Record of 1,290 participants.

Project Chairman Bijay Bagaria said the event that involved 1,729 students could surpass the earlier Guinness Record of 1,290 people. Officials from the India Book of World Records and Asia Book of World Records supervised the event and certified the new record. “We are yet to receive the official certification from the Guinness Book of World Records,” he said.


Club President Tapas Panigrahy chaired the event; District Collector Prem Chand Chaudhry was the chief guest. MP Sidhant Mohapatro, MLA Ramesh Chandra Chaupatnaik, Sub Collector Siddarth Swain, Municipal Commissioner Nikhil Pawan Kalyan, Rotaractors and other district officials witnessed the event.

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