Interactors ship books for African students

ship-booksDurrington High School (UK) students have been involved in a project that helps students in Africa as well as being an important contribution to recycling.

Each week students of the school run an Interact Club in association with the Rotary Club of West Worthing.

The after-school club encourages students to help others less fortunate.

The students organise fundraising events and engage in opportunities to volunteer.

They run three projects a year; one that supports the community, a school project and an international charity campaign.

Durrington High School Interact students learnt that the school had some old numeracy books and were quick to consider how these could be used.

They heard of an organisation called ‘Recycle 2 School’ which has an initiative where it collaborates with schools in order to educate students about the importance of recycling and the needs of poorer countries by getting them actively involved.

The student team contacted ‘Recycle 2 School’ to see if these books could be donated to help where there is a shortage of books.

The students realise they are extremely lucky to have these quality resources and didn’t want the books to go to waste.

In many developing countries there is an acute shortage of learning materials to help with the education of children and especially with basic numeracy and literacy.

Most children in Africa have never owned a textbook – in many classrooms a single textbook might be shared by as many as 20 pupils. 

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