Gearing up for the Centennial

At a special training workshop held for ARRFCs and  DRFCs of Zones 4 and 6A at Delhi, TRF ­Trustee Sushil Gupta briefed them on the ­optimum ways to meet the ­Centennial year goal of $300 million. Convener RRFC Kamal Sanghvi urged the ­delegates to highlight success stories and ­promote ­Giving to the ­Foundation. ­Centennial resources available online were shared. ­Opportunities to use CSR funding of ­corporates were explained.

From Left: RRFC Madhu Rughwani, TRF Trustee ­Sushil ­Gupta, RRFC Kamal Sanghvi and DRFC Anoop Agarwal.

Highlights of the meet

  • Goal setting — ­Districts of Zones 4 and 6A to have a target of $15.3 million.
  • PDG Vinod Bansal to develop a region-specific PPT/video for ­promoting the Foundation.
  • Districts to streamline stewardship procedures according to the  D 3230 model.
  • PDGs Vinod Bansal and Deepak Shikarpur to follow up with CII.

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