Fogging machine to fight mosquitoes


RC Bagha Purana, RID 3090, has installed a handy fogging machine in a van for mosquito control and it was inaugurated by DG Parveen Jindal. A slogan, ‘No mosquito, no dengue’, was coined by the club as part of its campaign against the vector disease.

The fogging machine, along with the van, costs ₹1.3 lakh. In his address, DG Jindal noted that the mosquito control project would be of great significance as dengue cases were rising rapidly each day. The project was also appreciated by the local people, thus enhancing the public image of the club in this locality. Club president Sukhraj Singh and secretary Jaswant Singh were supported by Rtns Munish Garg, Kewal Krishan Garg, Rakesh Kataria and Rajesh Babbar in implementing the project.


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