End Polio car rally in RID 3212

DG Muthiah Pillai (left) presents a souvenir to a polio-inflicted girl after the car rally in the presence of PDG Chinnadurai Abdullah (centre), RC Pearl City Tuticorin president Mohamed ­Ibrahim and RC Tirunelveli Avira president Syed Ali Fatima, Rotarians and polio survivors.

An End Polio car rally was ­organised jointly by RCs Pearl City Tuticorin and Tirunelveli Avira, RID 3212, on World Polio Day (Oct 24) to mark the birth anniversary of Dr Jonas Salk, who developed the first successful polio vaccine.

PDG Chinnadurai Abdullah, ­district coordinator, End Polio Now, flagged off the car rally from ­Thoothukudi to Tirunelveli in which 25 polio survivors travelled with an equal number of Rotarians in 15 cars and a van. End Polio banners, along with boards and placards detailing Rotary’s global role in the eradication of the disease were stuck on the cars, and  flyers distributed. DG R Muthiah Pillai welcomed the ­rallyists in Tirunelveli.

A small procession was held which ended with the garlanding of the statue of Rotary founder Paul ­Harris. DG ­Pillai distributed sweets and firecrackers to the polio survivors. Later, balloons with End Polio Now slogans were released to drive home the message that polio needs to be eradicated from the world completely.

RC Pearl City Tuticorin president Mohamed Ibrahim, secretary Vignesh, and RC Tirunelveli Avira president Syed Ali Fatima, and secretary ­Ayisha Parveen organised the car rally.

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