Empowering students and teachers in Pune

RC Pune Kothrud, RID 3131, has been making a significant impact on the lives of teachers and students alike through its teacher training, and ‘study and life development skills’ workshops. For the past 18 years, these workshops have enhanced the learning techniques of students in higher secondary classes.

A student clearing her doubts at the workshop.

Club members Urmila Haldankar, a child psychologist and professor, along with Ujwal Tawade, a Human Relations trainer, have been at the forefront of these workshops.

Samartha Dattatrya Khamkar (13), who has been attending the workshop, found that not only did his writing skills improve, but his confidence also soared. “I even ventured into writing poems for my friends and family to showcase my newfound creativity,” he smiles. Archana Shankar Markale, another student, now recognises the importance of scientific study techniques for academic success. “The workshops have given me the tools to excel in exams and make learning an easy and comfortable experience,” she says.

The principal of Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana School in Satara, S C Bhandari, says, “I see the positive impact these methods have on students with below-average learning capacity. They really help in transforming their learning experiences.”

But the impact doesn’t stop with the students. The club has also been investing in the professional development of teachers. Special training seminars, “spanning over a decade, have helped over 200 teachers from 50 schools become adept at modern teaching methods. They focus on guiding teachers in helping slow learners navigate learning challenges,” says Tawade.

Urmila Haldankar (seated left) and Ujwal Tawade (seated second from right) along with the teachers after a stress management seminar.

This year, Urmila and Tawade conducted three seminars at the state and district levels, benefiting 185 teachers. “We are now equipped with innovative teaching techniques that can help students, regardless of their academic standing,” says Ingole P V, a teacher from the Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana School.

Additionally, a stress management workshop for teachers was also conducted where they were introduced to techniques like the Colorado method of stress relief. It’s a method where a stressed person takes deep breaths while squeezing a stress ball or a toy, explains Tawade.

In collaboration with RC Satara Camp, a teacher/parents seminar for students with learning disabilities was conducted at the New English School, Satara. Urmila and Tawade, assisted by Anns Chandana Chitale and Ruta Date, child psychologists, provided guidance to 78 participants.

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