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Council on Legislation

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It is held once in three years and attended by more than 530 representatives from all the RI Districts in the world to debate, discuss and electronically vote for the submitted resolutions/enactments by any and all the districts.

All the items are divided into two parts — Enactments and Resolutions.

A proposed enactment seeks to amend the RI constitutional documents.

A proposed resolution is any item that does not seek to amend these documents (the RI constitution, RI bylaws, the standard Rotary club constitution) but the other RI policies and procedures.

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It is a 472-page binder with Regular Legislations (16-01 to 16-181) — Enactments categorised in the areas of Club administration, avenues of service and object of Rotary, club meetings, attendance, membership, RI officers and Elections (RI President, RI Directors, Governors and miscellaneous), legislative procedures, The Rotary Foundation and Rotary International.

Friends, it is an incredible experience. Please do go to Rotary’s website and see how a paradigm shift is coming especially in innovations and flexibility.

These could be important to make Rotary relevant in  the 21st century, so do visit our website:

The COL 2016 is rated as the most progressive one, as it opens the door to gen-next with innovation and flexibility.

Manoj Desai
Director, Rotary International

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