A virtual meet on Basic Education & Literacy

Rotary has committed to achieve 100 per cent literacy in South Asia by 2025 and it is therefore the responsibility of every Rotarian in the region to work for the fulfillment of this grand objective, said RIPE Shekhar Mehta addressing a virtual meet to promote Basic Education and Literacy (BEL) programme under leadership of PDG Ramesh Agrawal, member, Major Gift Initiatives (MGI) Committee, BEL.

Children working with computers at the Ideal Jawa Rotary School (file photo).
Children working with computers at the Ideal Jawa Rotary School (file photo).

The event jointly hosted by the RISAO team had the participation of TRF Trustee Gulam Vahanvati, BEL-MGI chair Anne Mathews, Nafisa from RI headquarters and Sanjay Parmar from RISAO. Ravi Shankar Dakoju, past ­president, Rotary ­Bangalore Orchards, motivated the audience with his own story of being able to make a difference in the communities around him. He pointed out that every penny contributed results into a well-spread out, multiplier effect.

Vahanvaty cited the various studies at Rotary and UN to highlight that literacy was perhaps the most important millennium goal. A 100 per cent literacy is the prime need for a sustainable ­prosperity and lasting peace, he said.

Anne Mathews narrated anecdotes to show that the most impactful are endowment contributions to BEL.

AKS members Suresh Poddar and Uday Pilani made presentations on their Happy Schools projects.

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