A buzzing Gujarati exhibition

Gujaratis are known for adept money management, and RC Ahmedabad Sarvam, RID 3055, demonstrated this innate skill with their recent initiative, a one-day Sarvam Bazaar. Held at Boho Homes, a furniture store owned by Geetika Saluja, charter president of the club, the bazaar was a testament to the members’ resourcefulness.

RID 3055 DG Mehul Rathod (centre, back row) with members of RC Ahmedabad Sarvam and award winners.

Despite limited resources, the club took a creative approach to maximise outreach. Geetika proudly adds that “leveraging our own venue and engaging Rotarians as volunteers minimised costs.”

Featuring over 60 exhibitors, the event attracted around 300 visitors. “The colourful stalls displayed a diverse array of products and services. Stall fees were kept nominal, starting at ₹2,000; some stalls were offered at a subsidised rate of ₹1,000, while few others were given free for deserving participants,” she says.

Participants at the exhibition venue.

The club urged each exhibitor to invite at least 10 people to broaden the reach of the event. DG Mehul Rathod, who visited the bazaar, complimented the club for its “innovative project to help our community grow and support local businesses.”

The event also honoured nine professionals with Vocational Service Awards. Four exhibitors were inspired to join the club soon after the exhibition.

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