A bus for a blind school

The Bhairuratan Damani Blind School is a residential school for visually-impaired students established in 1987 by late Shamsundar Toshniwal, a member of RC Solapur North, RID 3132. The club has equipped the school with all basic facilities including a braille library, gender-specific toilets, bedrooms, kitchen and dining hall, need-based classrooms, trained teachers and caretakers for the students. Vocational training such as making candles, handloom products, bags and artificial flowers are also imparted here for them.

Members of RC Solapur North at the inaugural of the new bus at the school.
Members of RC Solapur North at the inaugural of the new bus at the school.

Although the school has residential facility, there are some day scholars for whom regular commute was a challenge. The parents were hesitant to send their children to school by public transport because of their handicap. So last year, the club under the leadership of Nihar Burte, facilitated a 30-seater bus costing ₹27 lakh, gifted by Shriram Reddy, an entrepreneur, to the school.

The club is planning to set up a computer lab with braille-supporting hardware and software at the school and also help in marketing the handmade products made by the students.

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