Letters to the Editor – October 2016

Let’s set a record for TRF

TRF Trustee Chair Kalyan ­Banerjee’s message on ­strategic plan and goals for this ­Centenary year is thought provoking. It is ­mandatory for each Rotarian, ­District and club all over the world to ­celebrate our ­Foundation this year, and enhance Rotary’s public image in the ­community. I ­suggest each Rotarian contribute to TRF irrespective of how much. Everybody must get involved. I am making a start to motivate my club, District and our zones also to contribute. I am confident that under the dynamic stewardship of our TRF Trustee Chair, all activities will go beyond expectations and set a record in the history of Rotary.

PDG Katta Nagabhushanam
RC Anantapur Central – D 3160

Girl power at Rio

Received the September issue and the lucid Editorial on Girl power at Rio captivated me. It is a matter of shame that a big country with 130 crore population could bring only two medals. Anyway, our two daughters — P V Sindhu and Shakshi Malik — have saved India from disgrace.

Hats off to Suresh Poddar, ­member AKS league, who donated liberally and says, “By god’s grace, I have more than what I need and I don’t have any vices to spend money on.” The articles The Raj and its civil servants by Robin Gupta and We need lifestyle medicine not ­Medication by Sheela Nambiar are very readable, we all should learn and follow.

Raj Kumar Kapoor
RC Roopnagar – D 3080

I appreciated the editorial Girl power at Rio, not only because of your apt presentation but also for your earnest effort to establish a humanitarian view in consonant with the noble views of Rotary’s ideals.

Kuppu Veeramani
RC Thiruvaiyaru – D 2981

Saving lives

The cells that save lives in the September issue was very ­interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Thanks for publishing the same. I must congratulate Dr P Srinivasan (ex-­Rotarian) from Chennai for establishing the Stem Cell Bank which will benefit Indian children globally. Having ventured into this important development after successfully running Jeevan Blood Bank at Chennai, it was good to know Rotary has contributed in the Stem Cell Bank. Through such partnerships Rotary can play an immense role in helping the community. I have tried to involve Rotary in helping to spread awareness on organ donation to help those suffering from end-stage organ failure. Rotary can team up with well known NGOs for this cause, as well as the cause of stem cells transplantation.

Ravi Wankhede
RC Nagpur – D 3030

Fabulous issues

The September issue is just ­fabulous! Your Editorial on Women Power; An unbeatable ­combination by President Germ, calling Rotarians to the Atlanta 2017 Convention, Art of Balancing by RI Director Manoj Desai, how to ­maintain a balance between membership, projects through TRF & Public Image; Literacy: key to a ­better future by Foundation Chair Kalyan ­Banerjee, and above all your article talking about a Hero of Kutch, ­Gujarat. Hats off to you for the ­excellent ­coverage on WinS and Literacy Projects.

Piyush Doshi,
RC Belur – D 3291

In the September issue, I read the ­article on Say no to drugs. Over 1,500 young students from various colleges in Chennai, participated in the ‘say No to drugs’ campaign held at Ethiraj College. The ­Rotaract Club of ­Ethiraj College took this ­initiative jointly with Rotaract ­Council and D 3230. It is shocking to note that last year the State Narcotic department seized drugs worth Rs 4 crore, and this year drugs worth Rs 14 crore have been seized, which shows the demand is increasing in the market. I congratulate this ­Rotaract Club for this campaign so crucial to the student community.

N Jagatheesan
RC Eluru – D 3020

The Raj and its Civil Servants by Robin Gupta is a very readable article and needs wider circulation. According to Sir Percival Griffiths, ICS (then Deputy Commissioner of Darjeeling), the Indian Civil Servant had to deal with people, with the problems of famine and hunger administration in a way which would not fall to the lot of civil servants back in Britain. The result was probably the finest civil service that ever existed. I think everybody realised that they were incorruptible. They were heaven- born to many people not in offensive manner but in an affectionate way.
Now Civil Servants are called heaven-born in offensive way and not in affectionate way.

Harjit Singh Khurana
RC Ludhiana – D 3070

Hats off to RI President John F Germ for sending us three golden concepts — more ­willing hands, more caring hearts and more bright minds — as guidelines for choosing and enrolling new ­prospective members to Rotary clubs. He says no members of the club should be lethargic in ­Rotary’s social activities and other projects. In some clubs, it seems, some ­Rotarians are sleeping partners, rather than active participants in their club ­activities because of their busy schedule and  professional duties. Let us enroll prospective members having the qualities the RI President advocates, so that they will be an asset in conducting service to the community through their clubs.

GV Sayagavi
RC Davangere Vidyanagara – D 3160

Is this Rotary spirit?

It is laudable for Rotary to work for the welfare of special children, and Rotary clubs all over are doing lot of work in this direction. However, in the September issue, it pained me to see special children being used to create records for Guinness World Records or Limca Book of Records and for media attention, as mentioned in the write up.
How it will serve to enhance Rotary’s public image through such records leaves a question mark in my mind. We in Rotary are not for creating such records but for selfless service to the society. I think the project devised by the respected DG of D 3000 and other senior and more knowledgeable Rotarians does not reflect the right Rotary spirit. This is my humble opinion and I am open to be enlightened to correct my views and perceptions.

Radheshyam Modi
RC Akola – D 3030

DG M Muruganandam from D 3000 responds:

First of all, the event was not ­exclusive for special children; it had other ­college students, teachers and parents of special children, who was included as we believe in an inclusive society. The Formation was held for 5 minutes only, and for most of the time the special children were housed inside in the auditorium where there was a lot of fun and frolic, music and snacks. The parents and the schools for special children, who were involved right from the ­planning stage, welcomed this break for the children.

Hero of Kutch


I would like to congratulate you and your team for bringing out such an informative and inspirational issue in September. Particularly the article on rebuilding Kutch after the earthquake and the other one on the AKS League. It is really motivating to learn about the sheer dedication and out-of-the box thinking style of PDG Mohan Shah of District 3050. PDG Shah was instrumental in giving great contribution in the rebuilding of Kutch. The article also shows how we can utilise our professional and social contacts in the activities of Rotary. Rtn Suresh Poddar shows how generous Rotarians are. He has been lobbying for women’s empowerment, education of girl children and prevention of female foeticide. He has donated huge sums for TRF and Asha Kiran as he believes that he has got more than what he needs. This is really encouraging.

Prosenjit Ghosh
RC Greenland
Silchar – D 3240

The AKS league


I must congratulate you for bringing out such nice ­topics in the August issue. I was really ­overwhelmed while reading the story of Saif Qureshi and his ­generosity. People like him are the real heroes of the Rotary movement. It is going to inspire many more ­Rotarians all over India to donate to TRF.

Mukesh Bagaria
RC Greenland
Silchar – D 3240


The quality of the article on Suresh Poddar was very ­inspiring, informative and ­motivating… the man is truly a ­living icon of what a ­Rotarian’s life ought to be, that is ­“Service Above Self” in the true spirit. The more number of times I read it, the more tough it seems to ­emulate him…but his example is ­thoroughly inspiring. These days, seldom do we listen or see someone saying “I have more than I need”. He is truly an exemplary human being. May God bless him with great health.

R Murali Krishna
RC Berhampur – D 3262


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