Your Comments – October 2014

President-Speaks-oct_14Inspiring Keynote

RI President Gary Huang’s keynote speech at the Sydney ­Convention was truly moti- vating. It has rekindled the spark within us and has encouraged us to Light up Rotary.

Rtn. V.R.T. Dorai Raja
RC Tiruchirapalli
RI District 3000

Director-Message_cot_14Thoughts from leaders

RI Director P.T. ­Prabhakar has his own wonderful ways to explain the things in every field which deserves all ­appreciations. Youth is our today’s investment which will definitely profit us in ­future. He says, “Youth are not useless. They are used less.  Youth are not careless. They are cared less.” The ­ideas are quite ­appreciable. Further he added, “If we cannot prepare our future for the youth, let us prepare our youth for the future.” So every club should follow the above ideas and should care for the youth and try to make them useful to themselves and to society because our youth is our ­tomorrow. This is the only way we can ­contribute to “Light up ­Rotary.”
I request RI Director P.T. ­Prabhakar to throw light on 4-Way Test so that ­Rotarians are enlightened about Rotary more and in a better way.

Rtn. R.K. Kapoor
RC Roopnagar
RI District 3080


I am a regular reader of ­Rotary News. I find all articles very ­interesting. You have covered three generations of Rotarians. Why not consider members who have come across from Interact to Rotaract to Rotary. RI Director Prabhakar’s words in his message, ‘First Thought’ are motivating for members.

Rtn. Rajeev Singh
RC Dimapur
RI District 3240


I have been reading Rotary News for more than 14 years, and I am of the opinion that there is no match for it with any other ­magazine. ‘First Thought’ is really ­impressive and the article, ‘Marching towards Total ­Literacy’ ­educative and informative. ­Article on the life history of our RI ­President Gary C.K. Huang made an interesting read.

Rtn. Raj Kumar Prasad
RC Siliguri
RI District 3240


Well Written

The articles in August 2014 issue are interesting, especially ‘Bringing more hands to serve’ and ‘Lighting up Minds through ­Literacy.’ ‘Around the Districts’ which highlights the service ­projects done by various clubs will surely motivate new ­members.

Rtn. Sushil Kumar Dubey
RC Siliguri
RI District 3240


Congratulations to the editorial team for bringing out excellent articles and projects on Rotary. The design of contents and photos are ­excellent. The article on membership is ­noteworthy. All my family members like to read Rotary News magazine.

Rtn. T. Susant
RC Berhampur
RI District 3262


‘Celebrating the Golden moments’ has been well written with ­suitable photographs.

Rtn. Nan Narayenen
RC Madurai West
RI District 3000


Poor sanitation has often been ­described as India’s failure that needs immediate attention and I ­congratulate Rotary Club of Silchar, RI District 3240, for their initiative to curb the issue of open defecation.

Rtn. Col. Gopinathan
RC Wadakkanchery
RI District 3201

Need of the hour

The holistic thought ‘Listen to the crying of your soul’ gives the real picture of the present day, where man is running behind the money. The words, “Peace is discovered when ­yearning gains ­precedence over earning” is thought-­provoking.

Rtn. B. Pasupathi
RC Dalmiapuram
RI District 3000



I refer to the article ‘Hybrid E-Clubs’ in August issue. Many Rotarians make up their attendance through e-club facility when they are out of their city of residence. No doubt, the core of Rotary such as friendship and fellowship is missed there.

Rtn. Dr. Sudam Basa
RC Bhubaneswar
RI District 3262



Congratulations to the new Editor of Rotary News, Ms. Rasheeda Bhagat. The September issue has got a new look with good content, captions and photographs. ‘Editor’s Desk’ column is nicely written. Each page is refreshing with lots of news about Rotary and general matters including clubs’ projects designed in an attractive way under the new title, ‘Spreading Cheer.’

Rtn. R. Srinivasan
RC Madurai Midtown
RI District 3000

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