What Rotary is all about

“So this is Christmas/And what have you done?” sang John Lennon in the holiday classic “Happy Xmas (War Is Over),” released in 1971 with Yoko Ono.

The holidays are a time of warmth and togetherness but also of reflection. Above all, the season is a time of generosity, especially to those less fortunate.

During your holiday giving, remember that gifts to The Rotary Foundation may not fit nicely in a present box, yet they keep on giving throughout the year.

December is also Disease Prevention and Treatment month. Just think of all the Rotary efforts that would not be possible without the generosity of you, our Rotary family. Consider the incredible progress we have achieved in our fight to end polio — the countless lives we’ve saved and the hope we’ve restored. Think of all the clinics around the world Rotary has equipped and the medical professionals trained through Foundation grants, helping fight heart disease and Guinea worm disease.

Your gifts to the Foundation also help make healthcare accessible to underserved communities in a big way through Programs of Scale. Right now, those grant ­recipients are working to end malaria in Zambia, reduce the mortality rate of mothers and their infants in Nigeria, and eliminate cervical cancer in Egypt.

Of course, our reach extends far beyond disease prevention and treatment. During times of disaster, we must act swiftly to alleviate suffering and offer support. In response to the devastating earthquake in Morocco in September, The Rotary Foundation trustees established the Morocco Earthquake Response Fund to support immediate relief efforts led by Rotary members on the ground. You can contribute directly, and your districts can apply for grants from the fund until Sept 21, 2024 or until the funds are fully allocated. Anyone can initiate a fundraiser for the Morocco fund on Raise for Rotary, opening further avenues for your generosity.

We truly have the gift of giving. There are no limits to the opportunities to give and make a difference through Rotary.

As we approach the end of the year, I invite you to make your gifts before Dec 31. Your generosity will have a profound impact on many — people who you may never meet, but whose lives you will change just the same.

On behalf of Esther and myself, we wish you all a joyful holiday season. Thank you for your continued support, dedication, and unwavering commitment to The Rotary Foundation and to what Rotary is all about: helping others.


Barry Rassin
TRF Trustee Chair

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