The power of collective action

As we enter a new Rotary year, it is time to reflect and build on our past and step forward into the future. A future where Rotary is respected and more relevant than ever before thanks to The Rotary Foundation.

The Foundation operates as the charitable arm of RI. Its mission is to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through improvement of health, support of education and alleviation of poverty. Over the years, the Foundation has made significant strides in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Through its grants programme, TRF gives the vision to Rotary to make our dreams of a better world, better community and a better tomorrow, come true. Grants support initiatives that align with Rotary’s areas of focus.

Whether it is giving commercial grinding machine… chakkis to single women in rural parts of RID 3132 ­enabling them to earn a livelihood, or conducting paediatric cardiac surgeries in the Philippines, building Homes for the Homeless in RID 3232, or taking medical missions to Africa, through the grants, the Foundation is touching lives and transforming communities.

Programs of Scale is a TRF grant of $2 million given to an impactful, sustainable and replicable project. Only one grant is given worldwide every year on a competitive basis. I am happy to share that the 4th Programs of Scale award has been granted to RC Delhi Premier for their project, Partners for Water Access and Better Harvests in India. This is a proud moment for India. Well done RCDP.

As you are aware there are three funds whereby we contribute to TRF: Annual Fund — Our contributions to the Annual Fund today help us to do global grants ­tomorrow. And global grants have been the gamechangers for TRF; Polio Fund — It is our promise to the children of the world that we will make the world polio-free; Endowment Fund — Our support to the Endowment Fund ensures the future of TRF.

My request to all of you is to support all the three funds of TRF. The Foundation stands as a testament to the power of collective action and philanthropy. Through its wide-ranging programmes and initiatives, it ­continues to foster sustainable development and promote peace and goodwill across the world. That is the magic of The Rotary Foundation.

Bharat Pandya
TRF Trustee

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