The engine that powers us

This month, we begin a new journey together to celebrate The Magic of Rotary. So buckle up for an exciting trip.

If Rotary is a beautiful car that you are proud to drive, The Rotary Foundation is the engine that propels it to your chosen destination. And it’s the strengths of Rotary — especially you and our other incredible 1.4 million ­members — that make TRF powerful.

I knew little about The Rotary Foundation when I joined Rotary. Everything changed in 1985 when, as ­incoming president of my club, I attended my first RI Convention with my wife, Gay, in Kansas City, Missouri. We will never forget the thunderous support for Dr Albert Sabin, ­creator of the oral polio ­vaccine, who called upon Rotary to vaccinate the world’s children. It marked the dawn of PolioPlus, a pivotal moment in Rotary’s commitment to children worldwide.

You, as a member of Rotary, are also a part of The Rotary Foundation. You are part of a worldwide movement that implements global grants to build sustainable systems for clean water and sanitation where there are none. You help train peacebuilders in a world plagued by unrest. And through supporting the Foundation, you help people rebuild their lives after natural disasters.

To accomplish more good in the world, the Foundation trustees have set an ambitious fundraising goal of $500 million for ­2024–25. Achieving this goal will require the support of everyone reading this message. It will also help us reach our goal of building the ­Endowment Fund to $2.025 billion by 2025.

To keep financial ­support of TRF at the ­forefront, I have ­developed Mark’s Magical Markers — a set of specific targets to help us achieve our goals. The first Magical Marker focuses on personal commitment, particularly to the Annual Fund, which supports the grants, scholarships, and vocational training teams that make the magic happen. Please contribute what you can to the Annual Fund no later than August 31.

Let’s fuel the engine that enables us to do good in the world and unleash The Magic of Rotary through TRF. Let’s make this year an unforgettable one — for us and for the people whose lives we will touch.

Mark Daniel Maloney
TRF Trustee Chair

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