Shaping dreams through Rotary

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

As October unfolds our thoughts turn to a significant focus area of Rotary — Economic and Community Development. It’s in this journey that we delve into the profound ways through which we can transform lives, not only in India but across the globe.

India, a land of vibrant cultures and boundless diversity, is a canvas painted with dreams. However, beneath this colourful façade, stark realities beckon us to respond with compassion and purpose. It’s a fact etched in our hearts that a significant portion of our fellow citizens lives on less than $3 a day. This stark statistic calls for a response that transcends words. Yet, within these challenges, a beacon of hope shines brightly — the resilience of our people. Millions confront adversity daily, yet their spirits remain unbroken. This unwavering determination speaks of the inherent strength of our communities, where Rotary’s service finds its true calling.

In this vast sea of humanity, another compelling fact stands tall — 600 million individuals, half of our population, are under the age of 25. They are the torchbearers of our nation’s future, the custodians of dreams yet to unfold. As Rotarians, we hold the power to shape these dreams, to provide pathways leading not only to economic growth but also to the nurturing of the human potential within each young heart.

Our projects are like threads in a tapestry of impact. Vocational training centres in India have equipped young people with skills in electronics, sewing, carpentry, and more, empowering them to find employment or start their businesses and contribute to economic development. Clean water and sanitation projects in Ghana have not only improved health but also stimulated economic growth. Microfinance partnerships in Guatemala provide loans that fuel entrepreneurship. Medical clinics in rural Kenya enhance health services, indirectly boosting economic development. Investments in education in Nepal empower individuals to pursue better economic opportunities.

These successes, inspired by Rotary’s commitment, are stories of transformation. They remind us that our actions, though uncelebrated in headlines, etch indelible marks upon the lives we touch. Standing at the intersection of compassion and action, let us carry forth Rotary’s spirit, nurturing change in ways as unique as the communities we serve.

This October, let us celebrate the resilience of our global community, recognising that within every challenge lies an opportunity for transformation. As we venture out to serve, let our hearts be open and our hands extended, for it’s in these gestures that we genuinely create hope in the world.

Raju Subramanian
RI Director, 2023–25

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