Rotary eye hospital a boon for Nigerians RC Lagos Palmgrove Estate in partnership with Indo Eye Care Foundation has opened a hospital for doing cataract surgeries and other eye-related treatments for the underprivileged.

From Left: Major supporter of Indo Eye Care Hospital Chief Dr Jinesh Dugad, Assistant Governor District 9110 Ramesh Biswal and RI President Barry Rassin in Lagos.
From Left: Major supporter of Indo Eye Care Hospital Chief Dr Jinesh Dugad, Assistant Governor District 9110 Ramesh Biswal and RI President Barry Rassin in Lagos.

Rotary International has strengthened its partnership with Indo Eye Care Foundation in Lagos to provide some healthcare support for the less privileged.

They donated a hospital that would specifically care for the needy in the society who have problems with their eyes.

The hospital which is still an on-going project is a brainchild of the Rotary Club of Lagos Palmgrove Estate (Nigeria, D 9110) in partnership with Indo Eye Care Foundation and the Indian community.

The long standing relationship has birthed a host of healthcare projects over the years which includes cataract surgeries (about 1,500 a year); distribution of eye glasses (750 a year); distribution of artificial limbs; health camps amongst others; all at no cost to beneficiaries, who are mostly underprivileged Nigerians.

The eye hospital which is as a result of the overwhelming demand for eye-related treatments is believed to have a far-reaching effect as opposed to bringing in a team of doctors to the country annually.

The hospital, which aims at helping the underprivileged, is expected to carry out its first round of cataract operations in the last quarter of the current Rotary year.

The hospital is said to have a state-of-the-art operation theatre for conducting eye surgeries alongside an outpatient department, as well as departments for screening and optometry.

The belief is that the hospital once in operation, will bring revolution in the healthcare zone for the underprivileged Nigerian communities.

Speaking at a meeting with members of the club, Barry Rassin, the Rotary International President, commended its members in the country on their commitment towards the growth of The Rotary Foundation.

“Your dedication and support to our Foundation is truly remarkable. You have a commitment to the Rotary that is making a difference. When you touch a life, you change the future. We are a force of nature we have heart and the direction to make our world a better place.”

Rassin stated that the country has one of the highest growth rates of any of its districts in this year and charged its members with responsibility of growing its membership strength.

An increase of members to up to 70,000 from about 30,000 currently available on the continent, would earn it a permanent membership of the RI Board.

The president who said he is proud of its members in the country for their drive towards the eradication of polio said that the Rotary centre in Lagos would eventually be the Rotary centre for Rotary in Africa.

“The young members are priorities because we recognise that they are the ones that would lead us into the future. We want you to stay with Rotary for the rest of your lives.”

Rassin said the younger members of the club are very vital to helping the Foundation reach its goals and as such programmes are developed to help build the leadership skills of the Rotractors and the Interactors.

Yinka Babalola, Rotary International Director, stated that its members are highly committed to the body and as such are one of the top 20 contributors to the projects of the body worldwide with donations ranging from $1.2–1.6 annually.

Source: This Day

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