Rotary Day – D 3132

PDG Arijit Endow and spouse Minaxmi honour Rtn Chandrakant Chaudhari.
PDG Arijit Endow and spouse Minaxmi honour Rtn Chandrakant Chaudhari.

Cultural extravaganza and Peace and Goodwill Summit marked the four-day (February 20-23) Rotary Day celebration of District 3132. The event was hosted by RC Aurangabad Metro along with RC Aurangabad Elite and RC ­Aurangabad Rauzabag, at ­Aurangabad, the city famous for the Ajanta and Ellora Caves and the Taj Mahal look alike, Bibi ka Maqbara.

Aurangabad Mahotsav Ruturang and Kaladalan showcased the diversity of our country’s music and dance; the Sufi and Qawwali were a huge crowd-puller. The handicraft exhibition with 45 stalls promoting local handloom, paithani, himroo, bidri and ceramic work, attracted the general public. Street plays performed across the city presented Rotary’s service projects to the common man.

The celebrations concluded with the Peace, Goodwill and Conflicts Resolution Summit coinciding with Rotary’s 110th birth anniversary on February 23. PDG Arijit Endow (D 3240) and spouse Minaxmi were the RI President’s Representatives for the celebration.

Section of audience at the Summit.
Section of audience at the Summit.

Endow complimented the Rotarians for the vibrant programmes that embodied the rich culture and heritage of Aurangabad coupled with the Rotary spirit of welcoming non-Rotarians to discover the true spirit of Rotary.

He appealed to the 150 delegates at the summit on two issues: “Firstly, focus on membership development and encourage youngsters to join Rotary. And next, contribute generously to the Foundation. Your gift to TRF will reap unimaginable benefits for the entire world.”

The RIPR felicitated Rtn Chandrakant Chaudhari for his contribution to TRF and becoming the first Major Donor of the club. The District honoured four NGOs with community service awards for their exemplary service to society.

Talking about conflict resolution, PDG Meena Patel of D 6650, Ohio, said, “It takes the parties involved to work together with a positive attitude to resolve any issue.”

The summit provided valuable inputs from established experts who shared experiences from their respective fields relating how peace and goodwill among people can be promoted.

Rtn Stephnie Rodrigo, past president of RC Capital City, Sri Lanka, speaking on sister club agreements, stated such agreements would encourage intimate relationship among Rotary clubs world over paving way for promoting goodwill between countries by jointly addressing the community needs of the people. Dr Sachin Jamma highlighted on how Rotary’s friendship exchange programme can act as a medium of peace; Rtn Dr Rajesh Ragde spoke on tourism that would usher in better understanding among countries and Rajender Singh, Commissioner of Police, Aurangabad presented his thoughts on the topic, ‘Peace within Community.’

The summit convener, Rtn ­Madhuri Sawant – Ragde, talking about the objective of the Summit stated that it was the result of the club’s initiative to promote goodwill and peace through Rotary clubs in SAARC nations as one of their projects and develop systems that can effectively help the SAARC countries to come together at non-­governmental level.

Chaudhari presented the resolution which urged Rotarians to use the existing opportunities such as Rotary Friendship Exchange programme and explore possibilities of collaboration to enhance understanding and goodwill amongst them.

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