RID 3212 felicitates IPDG Muthu

PRIP K R Ravindran, PRID C Basker, RIDN M Muruganandam and RID 3212 DG R Muthiah Pillai were present at an event in Madurai to felicitate RID 3212 IPDG V R Muthu for his inspirational leadership during his tenure in 2022–23. The event was organised by DGE Meerankhan Saleem, DGN J Dhinesh Babu and past assistant governor ‘Pioneer’ S Maheswaran.

From L: PRID C Basker, DG R Muthiah Pillai, PRIP K R Ravindran, past AG ‘Pioneer’ Maheswaran, IPDG V R Muthu, RIDN M Muruganandam and DGN J Dhinesh Babu.

Having contributed over $520,000 to TRF and upscaling as an AKS Chair Circle member, IPDG Muthu inspired his team to contribute generously to TRF. The district had contributed $861,634.50 to TRF during his tenure. PRIP Ravindran had tweeted: “Thousands have been impacted by his generosity, an AKS member with over $500k contribution…”

“Last year, 2,286 Rotarians contributed to TRF, a large number for probably the first time in our district,” said DGN Babu. Maheswaran committed to becoming an AKS member at the event.

IPDG Muthu thanked the district Rotarians for their “unwavering support without which the achievements would not have been possible.” Past governors of RIDs 3212 and 3000 participated in the programme.

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