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Lake restoration, Project Arogya his priorities

Jeetendra Aneja Medical equipment, RC Bangalore Junction, RID 3190
Jeetendra Aneja, Medical equipment, RC Bangalore Junction, RID 3190

All good people should be in Rotary as it is the purest organisation in the world that believes in service and fellowship, and does not differentiate between people based on their nationality, caste, creed, religion or ethnicity, says Jeetendra Aneja. With 6,900 Rotarians across 165 clubs, he is  “aiming for 20 per cent membership growth, taking the headcount to over 8,500.” He wants to charter 25 new clubs during his term. On the Rotaract front he wants to add 50 new clubs to the existing 210 Rotaract clubs, and “I will be happy to retain our strength of 10,000 Rotaractors.”

One of his thrust areas is lake rejuvenation as part of environment protection. The Konanakunte lake in Hoskote taluk will be rejuvenated (GG: ₹41 lakh), followed by reclamation of similar water bodies in and around the city. “The funding for lake restoration will be mostly through CSR grants and club contributions.” Project Koti Nati (seed bombing) in rural areas is an ongoing project with the aim to recharge groundwater through reforestation.

Project Arogya (wellness) will screen two lakh people for BP, blood sugar and BMI through 500 medical camps; and awareness sessions will be held for adopting a disease-free, healthy lifestyle. “Our partners, the Karnataka government, Arogya International, a US-based NRI group and B-PACK, a think tank, will provide support during the health camps,” says Aneja. The clubs have taken up 300 Happy Schools with CSR funding and member donations. He joined Rotary ­Bangalore South Parade in 2001, and later in 2011 became a charter member of his home club. TRF giving target is $1.5 million. “My vision is to make RID 3190 one of the best administered Rotary districts in India,” he adds.

A big thrust on GG, CSR projects

Pawan Agarwal Electrical engineer RC Kashipur, RID 3110
Pawan Agarwal, Electrical engineer, RC Kashipur, RID 3110

Rotarians are financially capable to contribute for the betterment of society, says Pawan Agarwal. “But we have to pool in our resources to do some big projects for inclusive growth,” he avers. He has formed seven new clubs so far, and will charter eight more, taking the strength to 158 by June-end. He wants to induct 325 new members, and has already added 175 Rotarians, raising the headcount to 4,150. “I am giving a big push to Interact clubs and so far, have added 20 new clubs. We want to double the number of Rotaractors to 1,200.”

RISAO has okayed six CSR projects worth $440,000 in the domains of education and health. Among them, two Happy Schools are being implemented by RC Kashipur. Soon, the next set of three CSR projects ($150,000) will get approval. “Out of 10 GG projects worth $400,000 in the pipeline, five were submitted to TRF, and the balance are in the drafting stage,” he says. So far, he has collected $500,000 for TRF, as against the target of $450,000 and “we are now aiming to reach $1 million by end of this Rotary year.” Along with Sumit Goel from RC Agra Sapphire, he has become AKS member this year. A Rotarian since 1997, Agarwal says he is giving emphasis to GGs, CSR projects and meeting Foundation targets.

A new mental health centre in Delhi

Lalit Khanna Water handpump exporter RC Delhi North, RID 3012
Lalit Khanna, Water handpump exporter, RC Delhi North, RID 3012

Rotary is not just a platform to serve the poor, but also offers a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals to create a better world, says Lalit Khanna, who has personally contributed $75,000 to TRF so far. To the 150 clubs in his district, he wants to add eight more, and aims at an 8 per cent net membership growth, taking the headcount to 4,000-plus by June next year. Khanna wants to induct 300 new Rotaractors; the present number is 1,200.

A mental health treatment centre (GG: $150,000) will be set up with high-tech machines, four doctors and a 25-member staff to offer treatment for mental illnesses, depression and stress. Two dialysis centres (with 25–30 machines) will be inaugurated through a GG worth $250,000. “Through a mix of CSR grants and club contributions ($230,000), tablets will be distributed to students of Classes 9–12 at government schools. We are doing projects worth ₹20 crore through GGs, CSR funds and club donations this year.”

Water coolers with RO units, computer and biology labs will be installed at schools. “At least 5–6 skilling centres will come up; two centres were set up recently.” A mini paediatric ICU will be added to the Vardan Multispecialty Hospital, Ghaziabad, in which a blood bank and oxygen cylinder plant were already installed. Around 2,000 cataract surgeries are planned. His TRF target is $2 million. Khanna joined Rotary in 1991, is supported by wife Neelu, a former chairperson of Inner Wheel district 301. His two sons and three grandchildren are Paul Harris Fellows.

A neonatal ICU at a Ratnagiri hospital

Venkatesh H Deshpande Builder RC Belgaum South, RID 3170
Venkatesh H Deshpande, Builder, RC Belgaum South, RID 3170

Recalling his Rotary journey after he joined in 1990, Venkatesh Deshpande says, “my life has undergone a sea change. I have seen through many service projects and they have shaped my personality by opening an avenue for doing good to the community.” With 145 clubs, he wants to add five more to take the tally to 150 and is aiming at a 10 per cent net membership growth so that the headcount crosses 7,000 by June. Only 60 out of 100 Rotaract clubs are active, “and I will be happy if I can make 10 more clubs active this year.” He plans to induct over 200 Rotaractors, taking their strength to 1,200.

A neonatal ICU will be set up at a government hospital in Ratnagiri (Konkan area) through a GG worth $40,000. Five Happy Schools (₹7 lakh each) are under various stages of implementation through a mix of GGs and district grants; and 20 dialysis machines (₹8 lakh each) will be set up at taluk/government hospitals through a global grant and club contributions. A clutch of five check dams are coming up through GGs (₹35–40 lakh) across the district. He plans to collect over $1 million for TRF. “Once committed to Rotary values, it is a lifetime addiction for Rotarians to carry on their noble work,” he adds.


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