Literacy Focus – October 2016 Issue


Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar (in red jacket) hands over books to students.


5,000 Libraries on 50th Year of International Literacy Day

Celebrating the 50th International Literacy Day (September 8), Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM), along with the Union HRD Ministry, launched the creation of 5,000 libraries in schools. HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, kickstarting the programme, handed over books for a library to a school’s representatives.

“Libraries will come up in phased manner in a couple of years. This is an important step to empower children with knowledge. I welcome such initiatives,” said Javadekar.


Click for Literacy

This time the celebration was not only limited to ­Rotarians. It also involved non-Rotarians through a Photography Contest ‘Click for Literacy’ which  was organised by RILM. The contest was based on the theme ‘Literacy’. It was open from August 25 to September 5, for all aged 14 and above.

The judges — Dinesh Khanna, Leena Kejriwal, Aditya Arya — selected the winning entries based on the aesthetics, focus on project and caption of the photographs.

The Champions:
Harshit Sadana, Delhi.

1st Runners up
Dr Murlidhar Srinivasiah, ­Bangalore; ­Shabuddin Rohini, Delhi; Deepali ­Khandelwal, Jaipur.

2nd Runners up
Abhijit Chowdhury, Malda; Satabdi Chakraborty Chowdhury, Malda; Bijal R Mistry, Vadodara; ­Deepali Mishra, Noida; Ayush Khandelwal, Jaipur.

3rd Runners up
Subhra Biswas, Kolkata; ­Sudheendra ­Chokkasamudra, ­Bangalore; Mrinalani ­Teotia, Noida; Soumendu Shekhar Roy, Kolkata; Shefali ­Agarwal, UP; ­Arijit Das, Kolkata; Rtr ­VishnuPriyan DRR, Pollachi; Umesh Kumawat, Jaipur; Amit Kumar Singh, Noida; Jayaprakash R, Chennai.


Media Publications for International Literacy Day

Media played a pivotal role in spreading awareness about literacy as an agent of ­empowerment in the lives of people ­everywhere, and its central role in the promotion of development, tolerance and peace.

Print Media: There were more than 120 print media coverages across India, in Hindi, English and vernacular languages.

Electronic Media: ­Covered and telecasted various ­programme from different States.

Social Media: Rotary India Literacy Mission page crossed 10,000 likes and it was also trending under International Literacy Day.

Rotary India celebrates International Literacy Day

RILM united the entire country for the cause of literacy on the International Literacy Day, when two lakh Rotarians and Inner Wheel members undertook various activities under T-E-A-C-H and also engaged the public in its celebrations.

International Literacy Day shone a spotlight on global literacy needs, which goes hand in hand with RILM’s aim to achieve Total Literacy and Quality Education.

This year the day was celebrated under a specific theme: What are you doing this International ­Literacy Day? All the districts performed ­activities such as training and ­felicitating ­outstanding teachers, setting up ­e-learning centres, tutoring adults or opening adult literacy centres, sending children back to school or transforming schools into Happy Schools, and campaigns like walkathon, drawing competitions etc.




Star Pledges

Celebrities and ministers pledged to support RILM’s efforts in the ­eradication of illiteracy on the ­International Literacy Day.

Ministers who participated in the programmes across the country include Union HRD Minister, Prakash ­Javadekar; Education Minister of Bihar Ashok ­Choudhary; Education Minister of Haryana Ram Bilas Sharma; ­Education Minister of Andhra Pradesh – Shri Vasudev Devnani and celebrities include Raveena ­Tandon, ­Sonakshi Sinha, Baichung Bhutia and Kabir Bedi.





2,500 outstanding teachers


The Nation Builder Award ­felicitates outstanding ­teachers on  Teachers’ Day and ­International Literacy Day. Outstanding ­teachers are identified after detailed ­evaluation process which includes participation of students as well as the principal. The purpose is not only to acknowledge the best ­teachers but also get data of low ­performing teachers, who are later provided teacher training workshops.

This year Rotary and Inner Wheel across the country ­participated in this programme, recognising more than 2,500 teachers with the Award. All the clubs followed the ­evaluation process laid down by RILM and approximately 200 Rotary and Inner Wheel clubs have become Star Clubs!


Highlights of International Literacy Day

751 Nation Builder Awards given to outstanding teachers
6,318 teachers were trained
1,997 commitments for e-learning centres
3,194 commitments to educate adult non-literates
1,306 commitments to send children back to school under Asha Kiran
416 commitments to set up libraries
202 commitments for creating Happy Schools


Launch of Literacy Hero awards

374---Literacy-Hero-AwardLiteracy Hero Award is one of the prestigious award in the field of Literacy. Each and every day, ordinary people do extraordinary things to promote literacy and make meaningful contribution in our communities without getting acclaimed. With the Literacy Hero Awards, RILM celebrates and recognises the selfless acts of these unsung literacy heroes who brought the light of knowledge into the lives of children.

The campaign began on Janurary 26 last year. A panel of six eminent jury drawn from diverse illustrious background decided on the five Literacy. Heroes  from 85 applicants and one popular award was decided by online voting by Indian Nationals only.

This year the campaign was launched on September 8th search will continue till December 1. Five applications have already been received till now.

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