Letters to the Editor – September 2022

An exemplary service project


The cover photo of a heart patient fitted with a pacemaker depicts the humanitarian deed carried out by RC Jamshedpur. I was delighted to go through the noble work done by the club in keeping hearts of over 200 patients ticking through their project under the guidance of Dr Vijaya Bharat. Glad to note that both incoming and outgoing RI presidents visited the RNT office, Chennai. President Jones describes well the importance of DEI across the Rotary hierarchy and the necessity of bringing in more women and young Rotarians into our organisation. The Editor has given a detailed account of the new RI Prez in her note which is interesting. RID Mahesh Kotbagi has dwelt on ‘Imagine Rotary’. RID A S Venkatesh has focused on embracing change by getting out of our comfort zones. TRF trustee chair Ian Riseley tells us how Rotary funds are being utilised.

Other articles like There is no limit to unleashing women’s potential in Rotary, RID 3232 excels in projects…,When a village adoption project helped save a young girl, and Rotary’s mission is to change lives are all excellent. Lakshya moments are captured well in the photos.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

The cover story titled RC Jamshedpur keeps hearts ticking through an exemplary project is soul-stirring. Rtn Dr Vijaya Bharat’s noble work speaks volumes of of her dedication and compassion. A film should be made on this project, so that the world knows about her contribution. The role of Rtn N L Rungta towards this project is commendable. The story on Rotary Breast Milk Bank was educational, the pictures of Lakshya Moments were a visual treat. Project Vignettes and Club Hop photos were catchy.

Anju Rathor, RC Chaibasa — D 3250

I was delighted to read that two ­serving RI presidents visited the RNT office. The new layout for Inside page looks neat and appealing to the eye. The focus on DEI is noteworthy as it has come at a time when the world is talking about it in the aftermath of Covid.

The thought of PRIP Shekhar Mehta on the value Rotary brings and how we aren’t capitalising on it is worth pondering over. The story of Rotarians from RC Colombo joining the protest against corruption and how Rotary India has reached out to the island nation shows our commitment to help Sri Lanka during this crisis.
I loved the interview with TRF Trustee Geeta Manek. It is such an inspiration to read her work and about her roots in India. The ‘wedding celebration’ of President Jones and DGN Nick Krayacich in Pune was awesome.

Vivek Khandelwal, RC Deonar — D 3141

The cover photo of RI President Jennifer Jones (July’22) was ­fantastic. As the Editor points out, her broad smile, cheerful demeanour and sparkling eyes tell you a lot about her personality. Dr Rajiv Pradhan’s article — Kashmir medical camp conducts 2,500 surgeries — was very interesting. Kudos to the team.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

We welcome our new Rotary President Jones and will work hard to accomplish her proposals so that her year is remembered as one of the best Rotary years we have had so far. Editor Rasheeda Bhagat has nicely captured the persona of Jones in apt words. Her statement that we need well qualified and competent women for all leadership positions in Rotary is noteworthy. It is the right time to embrace the DEI mantra and expand the membership of Rotary.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

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