Letters to the Editor – September 2019

Thoughtful messages from RIDs

I am delighted to note two responses from Rotarians from Ghana and Pakistan in the Letters section appreciating the ideas of RI President Mark Maloney. PRIP Barry Rassin’s idea of increasing the membership with representation from all professional categories is good.

The Editor’s Note reflecting the noble deeds of late Sudarshan Agarwal is impressive and I am sure the good he did won’t be interred with his bones. The messages from RIDs are meaningful with spotlight on changing trends, inducting a friend and membership retention, all of which are challenging tasks.

Indian Rotarians are proud to read about our service-minded doctors’ mission to Africa which is praised by all. Glad to know TRF collection soared to $331.9 million by May-end.  The heartening story of PRIP  K R Ravindran in Rotary, the knight in shining armour is interesting and his statement “I am what I am today, because of Rotary” shows his affection to the organisation.

The picture pages Memories from Hamburg and Club Matters are superb. A generation empowered by the Net, yet lonely; Rotary partners to save infants with birth defects, On a solo trip to Pondicherry by Kiran Zehra; and Restoring eyesight for Gambian children are worth reading. On the racks is useful. Thanks to the Editor and her team for a power-packed issue of Rotary News once again.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

Noteworthy global grant projects

The article Chennai gets a Bone Bank made me feel proud about Rotary’s wok. We are aware of blood and eye banks, but this type of bone bank is new to us.

RC Madras Central took up this challenge and the bones from brain-dead persons being harvested at this facility are used in spine, hip and knee surgeries for patients affected by bone cancer. It is good to note that the bone bank was made possible through the support of a global grant involving the Rotary Clubs of Cataraqui Kingston, Nipigon, Kampala North, Sunrise Kampala and TRF.

In the July issue, I found a useful information about global grants. Rotary gifts a new operation theatre tells us about another global grant project for the treatment of poor children at the Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Bhagola, Haryana.

I am proud to note that nearly 85 per cent of the project cost out of $413,068 was supported by RC Fort Wayne, US, RID 6540, the global partner of RC Faridabad. The hospital treats children free of cost; this project shows how Rotary connects the world.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — RID 3020

Rich, interesting content

Reading Rotary News each month is an absolute pleasure, specially the Editorial by Rasheeda Bhagat which is on current issues and Rotary projects. The July issue has rich content; the colourful pictures of RI President Mark Maloney and Gay, matched with impressive content, makes the magazine readable. RID Bharat Pandya’s message to Rotarians to become torchbearers and inspire others to serve is timely. TRF Trustee Gulam Vahanvaty talks of the mismatch in how the corporates want their funds to be spent through CSR and the community needs assessments that Rotary need to do. Understanding this may eliminate rejection of global grants. TRF should allow CSR funds straight for the projects through a simple mechanism, so that the clubs can do wonders in the community.

Next year, we will have six women on the RI Board; a great move towards women’s empowerment. The projects — “Greening the Earth” by Karnataka Rotarians; and Keeping the beat going from my home club, RC Jaipur Bapu Nagar, RID 3054, are really significant.

PC Sanghi, RC Jaipur Bapu Nagar — RID 3054

Once again, the July issue was an interesting one. RI President Mark Maloney has taken over and truly Rotary will connect the world. A bunch of fresh, energised leaders is all set to take Rotary to greater heights.
The interview with TRF Trustee Gulam Vahanvaty was inspiring with enchanting anecdotes. PRIP Barry Rassin’s words of appreciation for South Asian Rotarians will encourage the new leaders. Memorable Moments from Hamburg was exhilarating.

Rtn Arun Oommen, RC Cochin West — RID 3201

Wooing youth to Rotary

The July Editorial was superb. The way you supplemented the Editorial with narratives from the articles was great to read. Two articles and the Editorial reflect positive changes in Rotary, and you have won the admiration of Rotarians in India and South Asia too. Your analysis of issues plaguing Rotary in India are valuable.

PRIP Rassin’s expectation from South Asia is a clarion call that has to be answered by all of us. He praises South Asia for fastest growing membership and being the second largest contributor to TRF, and emphasises the importance Rotaractors; Johns Hopkins’ statistics on Rotary’s volunteer hours and its financial worth will inspire many youth to serve humanity.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID 3262

My congrats to Sheela Nambiar for The Mind-Body connection in exercise, where she says “all fitness activities have a mind-body connection. This is more palpable when one focuses on the activity in hand, is open to learning and understanding and is conscious and mindful.” An excellent view that needs to be endorsed.

A S Iyer, RC Erode North — RID 3202

Let’s celebrate Rotary’s 100 years in India

The July issue was interesting to read with an excellent Editorial along with other great news around the nation and abroad. Let’s celebrate Rotary’s 100 years in India by RID Sanghvi touched the heart. This milestone is really a proud moment for all Rotarians in India, so let’s celebrate this huge milestone.

It is worth recalling the great journey of Service above Self, which was started 100 years ago for the betterment of mankind. We are carrying the proud legacy of that with dedication.

Ashim Bhattacharjee, RC Green Land Silchar — RID 3240

With its global presence and having a diverse membership, Rotary should promote yoga and spiritual practices reaching out to citizens of the world. By doing so, we will be saving many people from diseases, contributing to their well-being. I do hope my views will reach top leaders of Rotary for timely action.

Jagdish J Malu, RC Gulbarga Suncity — RID 3160

TRF Trustee Chair Gary C K Huang’s message is thought-provoking with motivating words for Rotarians to share their feedback, opinions and project ideas on his Facebook page. His write-up inspires Rotarians to give useful suggestions.

M V Subramanyam, RC Proddatur — RID 3160

Sudarshan’s legacy lives on


It was good to read the obit on PRID Sudarshan Agarwal, an epitome of kindness and simplicity. Though he held a high constitutional post, he implemented the Four-Way-Test, proving his attachment to Rotary.

The story of a legend was narrated well by Rotary legends PRIPs Rajendra Saboo, K R Ravindran and PRID Sushil Gupta.

RI Director Kamal Sanghvi has stressed on attracting new members and providing them opportunities to develop skilled workforce in Rotary. The Bone Bank set up by RC Madras Central is a commendable step, which can be used to treat patients affected by bone cancer or accident victims.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — RID 3090

Thanks for your obit article on PRID Sudarshan Agarwal –Agarwal’s legacy will live on. Along with other members of RC Ranipur, I had received him at Haridwar station, while he was on his way to Dehradun to become Uttaranchal Governor. Calling himself ‘a professional beggar’ he appealed for donations for opening Him Jyoti School. On our request he later inaugurated our medical centre to serve the villagers.

His ideals and passion will motivate Rotarians to serve the community.

T D Bhatia, RC Delhi Mayur Vihar — RID 3012

Thanks to PRIP Rajendra Saboo and Editor Rasheeda Bhagat for the obit of our leader PRID Agarwal. There is so much to learn from him; even while serving the high post of Governor, he made such great efforts to give quality education to needy girls; he was truly a social reformer.

Pradeep Koottala, RC Alleppey Greater — RID 3211



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