Letters to the Editors – July 2019

My homage to Rtn Kris Chitale, a role model for the new generation of Rotarians. It is only befitting that such a fitting tribute has been given in Rotary News in his honour. The entire Rotary world will remember him for his contribution in polio eradication, apart from services like setting up of vocational training centres. More than anything else, what was touching to know was his polite refusal to contest for the post of district governor, as we have been told by Rajendra Saboo. We will rarely find such Rotarians among us who can really take Rotary as ‘service above self’ and shun positions of power. Let all of us salute the departed soul for his unstinted dedication to both Rotary and humanity. May his soul rest in peace.

Dr NRUK Kartha, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

A new Rotary year begins in July. Looking back, Rotary News had excelled every month with inspiring articles and content in the past year.

In the June issue, RID C Basker’s message A Big Thank you was fantastic. Rasheeda’s interview of RIDE Bharat Pandya titled Rotary continues to expand my horizon was superb.  A Rotarian’s dream creates a ₹8 crore-housing project for Irulas in Tamil Nadu by V Muthukumaran was inspiring to all Rotarians. The article A village comes to life was nicely written.

I wish all Rotarians a happy Rotary year 2019–20.

Daniel Chittilapilly, RC Kaloor — RID 3201

The May issue Editorial on celebrating our democratic process is truth presented in a lively manner. This time the citizens of India have truly felt the beauty of democracy. Rotarians contesting the election and coming out victorious will realise the importance the 4-Way-Test in their execution of policies. The ballot box wisdom was the need of the hour for the voters and they really proved themselves the best in the world in selecting a stable government.

The period of abusive language and invectives is over and decency will rein in the coming days, we hope. Three cheers for democracy.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID 3262

The cover page of the May issue, carrying a picture of RIPE Mark Maloney and his wife Gay is impressive. The article A journey from a “happy Rotarian” to a serious man by Rasheeda Bhagat tells us how Rotary transforms the life of a common man as shared by RID C Basker. He tells us that when he became club president, the new responsibility to serve the community made him a worried man, which is only natural.

It is heartening to note how Indian doctors have served the needy patients in Madagascar, changing their lives and delivering service beyond borders. It is great to read that RI President Barry Rassin also rendered service as volunteer in this medical mission.
I felt privileged to interact and share golden moments with RID Bharat Pandya at District Training Assembly, RID 3090, in Chandigarh where he gave a motivational speech on leadership qualities.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — RID 3090

A timely article

The April issue is interesting to read with a nice collection of articles. I find the magazine very useful especially for women and children on issues related to health and their general welfare. All the articles and pictures are noteworthy and create an impact among Rotarians.

Sudhir Kumar Garg RC Muzaffarnagar — RID 3100

The article Celebrating 31 years of Women in Rotary by Jaishree in the May issue was timely. I joined RC Rourkela in 1990 as its first woman member. There were very few female Rotarians in our district then.

As a third ­generation past president (my ­grandfather and father were both PPs), I took to Rotary as a duck takes to water. During my 29-year-Rotary service, I have observed that women make excellent Rotarians as they bring empathy, compassion, new ideas and patience to the projects. Gender diversity is now rightly encouraged by Rotary International.

Had I known about the Inspire 2k19 Conclave held at Kochi recently, I would have definitely attended it. In my present club, women are in majority and we undertake a number of projects as per RI guidelines.

As an RLI graduate, whenever I take sessions on Rotary leadership, I always stress on improving women membership.

But in my travels across India, when I often attend Rotary club meetings, I still find many clubs without a single woman member. I do hope more women come forward and join Rotary to strengthen this wonderful organisation.

Anjana Maitra RC Rourkela Steel City — RID 3261


Your Editor’s Note on Educating a girl is like opening a school (Feb issue) is very true. Mother is the first teacher of a child and if we can educate a woman she can educate her family.

The progress of a country depends on the literacy level of its women. We have to educate our girl children and make the environment in schools conducive for their education by providing gender-based toilets, desks and benches to sit and study, library and safe drinking water.

We also need to educate parents and create awareness among them to educate their girl children.

Aswini Kar RC Bhubaneswar, Meadows — RID 3262

Getting to know our new RI Directors


The Editor’s Note on Sending Sundara to school is apt, timely and interesting as the academic year has just started and the help and encouragement that she received is laudable.

Also, glad to read the interviews of incoming RI Directors. RI President Barry Rassin’s parting message is brief but impressive and useful as it gives details about the services rendered by Rotarians and Rotary peace fellows. The parting message from RID C Basker shows his satisfaction in serving Rotary during his tenure.

RIDE Bharat Pandya’s thoughts on the three phases of human life — learn, earn and return — are exemplary. His vision for future including free health check-up for schoolchildren is a novel idea which needs to be promoted.

We are happy to note that now there are two RI Directors in India to handle the issues of zones more effectively. The interview with RIDE Kamal Sanghvi is superb and his vision of Rotary getting a Nobel Prize has to be appreciated by all Rotarians. My homage to Kris Chitale who was a Rotarian of RC Madras for 54 long years.

All other articles are nice and the club activity reports with colourful photos (Club Matters) are exemplary.

Congrats for sustaining the quality of the magazine. Hope you will bring in more diversified ideas and subjects in cooperation with eminent Rotarians in future.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

One more “interesting to read issue” and one more interesting Editorial from Rasheeda.

Just as the two incoming RI Directors look at their role in Rotary “not as positions of power” but of responsibility,  I wish that every club president and district governor do the same. Instead of being called “ruling presidents or ruling governors”, they they should act as “serving presidents  and governors”. Their mindset should change to be humble in spite of the hype being created around them.

Not only at the top level in the capital but also in the states and the municipalities, our Rotary leaders must work hand-in-hand with the government and get their support. They should be made aware of the fact that we are here to help in lifting the living conditions of our fellow citizens in our communities. Rasheeda’s Editorial continues to make a difference.

Nan Narayenen, RC Madurai West — RC 3000

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