Letters to the Editor – May 2018 issue

A project inspired by an editorial

I am president-elect of RC Ahmedabad West (District 3054).

I like your call to implement the Four-Way Test in its true sense in the March Editorial. I appreciate your attempt to provoke our conscience. Inspired from this write-up of yours, I wish to take up projects to promote the Four-Way Test during my tenure. I look forward to your suggestions to take this ahead.

Sandesh Mundra, RC Ahmedabad — D 3054

More space for projects please

Congratulations for making Rotary News a very engaging ­publication. Through the magazine, we get to know about many events happening in the Rotary world. While we expect to know about interesting ­service ­projects around the country, we only get to know about national and ­international events through the ­magazine. But there are too many ­pictures of Rotary leaders and at least 7–8 pages of ‘general content’. Please give more space for Rotary projects.

Prof Dinesh H Soni, RC Latur Midtown — D 3132

The article A helping hand (March issue) is excellent and proves that Rotarians are very active and ­generous to help the needy, ­especially children suffering from cancer. RC ­Bombay Midcity deserves a big round of applause for this noble project. Thanks for publishing such excellent ­articles with details as these stories will ­motivate other clubs to initiate ­similar work.

T D Bhatia, RC Delhi Mayur Vihar — D 3012

Thank you for publishing the ­Brazilian team’s visit to ­District 3000 in the April issue — Tamil Nadu enchants Brazilian visitors — by Jaishree.

The team members from Brazil express their thanks and feel the article is written well and captures their real feelings about the trip. We also thank you for the good work you are doing to promote Rotary’s image.

DG P Gopalakrishnan — D 3000

Innovate for creativity

The article Vision Quest presents a document of suggestions and conclusions which will benefit RI. RI President-elect Barry Rassin gives us solutions in an innovative and creative manner. He says Rotary should be a better communicator and ­catalytic agent between disaster areas and ­potential donors and provide a ­long-term recovery effort and every club should take up one ­high-impact service ­project. Rassin wishes to explore new ways of starting Rotary clubs and says that Rotaractors are the life insurance of Rotary and we should ensure their smooth transition into Rotary. His views on quicker changes in Rotary’s governing policies through the CoL is appreciated.

V K Bansal, RC Delhi Uptown — D 3012

A model Rotary school

I was at Moodabidri a few years ago for a state-level Abacus competition and offered to do a workshop for teachers at the Rotary School. Within a few hours, I was able to hold the event at this school. The school buses and classrooms were in good shape and I learnt that they had a system in which one student will lead the class when the teacher is away. It was an amazing school to visit.

Vasanthi Ranganathan, TRF cadre — D 3232

An interesting issue

The April issue has come out with interesting topics and a ­suitable photo for the cover page. In the ­Editor’s Note, the contrasting stories of two women were narrated; the first being the rags-to-riches story of Hong Kong’s Zhou Qunfei, and the second is a different kind of wealth, brimming with the richness of love, compassion and caring in Pune, namely Renutai. She looks after street children in Pune.

Vision Quest on RIPE Barry ­Rassin is notable. His idea of getting better coverage for Rotary activities through social media is great as it will help communities understand what Rotary stands for. The importance of Vision Statement, his amusing story about his first public appearance and speech are worth reading. His view on cutting short the time taken for ­making ­important decisions on ­Rotary’s governing policies will find ready acceptance.

The beautiful pictures of Varanasi are quite attractive. Glad to learn that a new Rotary club has been started in Bengaluru exclusively for the ­differently-abled. Keep up the good standard of Rotary News with such worthy topics.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

The remarkable Renutai

I was very moved by the story of Renutai in the April issue. She is a remarkable woman with the resolve to overcome obstacles in her journey. The future of this country is in bringing the underprivileged children into mainstream. The story had some ­gut-wrenching descriptions like the ­eight-year-old wanting a beer instead of milk.


Hope she continues to save more children in the years to come. As a Rotarian, I am very proud that we are working with people like Renutai and Kailash Satyarthi. I hope we find more such gems in our society.

N Gopinath, RC Bangalore Indiranagar — D 3190

Some people by their sheer hard work and talent acquire wealth and become rich. Others have the wealth of experience. The ­metaphorical use of wealth in respect to Renutai of Pune is an example of sheer grit and bravery and she is no less significant than today’s billionaires. Of late, women are working in different vocations and waging a real war against social injustice and violence. Your valued Editorial and the realistic cover page story are beautiful delineation of facts regarding a bold and emancipated womanhood.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — D 3262

I was delighted to see ­Renutai (Asha Shetye) and her ­stupendous work being covered in Rotary News. Asha Shetye and I studied in the same class at Sane Guruji Vidyalaya in Dadar, Mumbai, and she was a brilliant student. We together participated in many school and inter-school events. The cover story brought back all nostalgic moments.
She is an outstanding ­person, a great human being and her work for children speaks ­volumes. She was a good orator and storyteller since school days and now her speeches are flavoured with the great ­experiences of her ­humanitarian work.

I congratulate Rotarians Sadanand, Deepa Bhagwat and members of RC Pune Laxmi Road for associating with Renutai’s noble work and ­supporting her in her mission.

I must thank Editor ­Rasheeda Bhagat and her team for giving a good ­coverage of Renutai’s work and ­featuring her on the cover. I am sure this cover story will inspire other Rotary clubs to do a lot more in the area of mother and child care, one of the six focus areas of Rotary International.

IPDG Prashant, Bhushan — D 3131

The cover story on Renutai’s work in preventing child trafficking was an eyeopener. Rtn Sadanand Bhagwat, past president, RC Pune Laxmi Road, is trying his best, but I feel other Rotary clubs too need to help out such an ­outstanding work being done in Pune. Hats off to Renutai.

Group Capt V G Deodhar RC Nasik — D 3030

RID’s meaningful messages


In the March issue, the ­RI ­Director C Basker’s message helps ­Rotarians to understand the dos and don’ts to ensure clean water and sanitation.As pointed out by him, the successful WinS programmes in D 3262 over the last three years has shown positive results in changing behaviour in students. We have to reach out to more schools to improve hygiene and health.

R Murali Krishna, RC Berhampur — D 3262

The message meticulously spells out the importance of clean water and sanitation, along with the role of Rotary.He has aptly explained the need for maintaining clean water and sanitation, and its effects on the health of ­children and the role of WinS.

It’s true that we ­Rotarians have fought a long and ­successful battle against polio and now the time has come to embark on a new venture to ensure clean water and ­sanitation to the community.

Vijay Hattiholi, RC Hubli North — D 3170

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