Let’s boost our membership

Dear Rotarians,

I express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication and commitment to making a positive impact in our communities. Your tireless efforts in service, both locally and globally, have been nothing short of inspirational. As Rotarians, you have continuously exemplified the true spirit of selflessness, embodying the ideals of Rotary in every project, event and initiative you undertake. Your passion for making the world a better place and your genuine care for others have touched countless lives and left a lasting legacy of kindness and compassion.

Through your various programmes, such as clean water projects, youth development and disaster relief efforts, you have demonstrated the power of collective action in bringing about meaningful change. Your ability to unite people from different backgrounds and cultures under a common mission is a testament to the strength of Rotary’s core values.

Your commitment to fostering peace, promoting education and eradicating polio, have had a profound impact on countless individuals and communities worldwide. Your dedication to TRF and its noble causes has helped create opportunities and hope for those who need it most.

In times of crisis and uncertainty, our organisation has been a beacon of hope, offering support and assistance to those affected by natural disasters, conflicts and humanitarian crises. Your readiness to step forward and lend a helping hand in the face of adversity is truly commendable.

In this membership month, we must bring in more individuals to share the joy of being a Rotarian. Let’s put the spotlight on our good practices as we invite good citizens to our fold, and together build and strengthen our clubs, and our organisation, by instilling the values and ethos of Rotary in our new members. We need to put Rotary in them and ensure that we induct Rotarians and not mere members. Retention is the key to sustained growth. Engagement and involvement are factors that will assist in this process. I’m certain we’ll be ethical in all our actions including increasing membership either in our club or by forming a new club in a virgin area. The opportunities are many — it is up to us to tap the resources and ensure a steady growth.

As we move forward, I have no doubt that the Rotary spirit will continue to shine brightly, illuminating the path towards a better, more compassionate world. Your service, generosity and commitment to ‘Service Above Self’ serve as a guiding light for all of us, reminding us of the profound impact each individual can make when driven by a shared vision of a better future.

Your actions inspire us all to be better and do better. Together, let us continue to make a difference, and create hope in the world.

T N Subramanian
RI Director, 2023–25

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