Happy Hour for Charity at South Orange Rotary The club honoured Children's Emergency Medical Fund of New Jersey (CEMFNJ) which offers critical medical services to chronically-ill children.

A section of participants at Happy Hour for Charity hosted by Rotary Club of South Orange.
A section of participants at Happy Hour for Charity hosted by Rotary Club of South Orange.

The Rotary Club of South Orange (New Jersey, US — District 7470) hosted “Happy Hour for Charity” at the Reservoir Restaurant in South Orange on June 15.

The event honoured CEMFNJ – Children’s Emergency Medical Fund of New Jersey, an organisation which provides advocacy and medical services, as well as supplies and support to families.

Stacey Borden, President and President-elect of the South Orange Rotary Club, welcomed all to the Happy Hour for Charity, and thanked all for their support of this important cause.

Fran Reibman, Co-Founder and Director of CEMFNJ and a South Orange resident, spoke to the audience about the primary mission of CEMFNJ.

The organisation raises funds and provides emergency services to critically and chronically ill children who are uninsured or underinsured, within 24 hours of a request.

“Quality medical care is a right of every child from birth onward,” stated Reibman.

In addition to the primary mission of providing immediate services, CEMFNJ has a secondary mission of making available a range of educational outreach programmes.

The NGO also offers advocacy services throughout the state of New Jersey and the United States.

All services are free and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CEMFNJ extends scholarships to deserving students.

Source: TAP into SOMA

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