Graffiti art highlights social issues in Bengaluru

RI District 3191, in association with the Bengaluru Police, City Armed Reserve (CAR) – South Division, helped paint graffiti on the walls of the Adugodi Police Station facing the Hosur Road in the city. The street art project named ‘Graffiti for Hope’ draws attention to three major social issues — women’s safety, drug abuse and cybercrime.

An artwork focussing on crimes against women.

Professional graffiti artists Sayam from Kolkata, Taresh from Mumbai and Rohan from Bengaluru created some amazing artwork on the walls which captured the attention of the passersby. “Even as they were painting on the wall, standing on the footpath under the scorching sun, several people stopped to take pictures, talked to the artists, and even offered them water and soft drinks,” said Nivedita Dutt, a member of the district’s cultural committee, who spearheaded the project. This busy, popular route stretches to the Electronic City and is an important connecting road to Chennai.

An artist at work highlighting cyber crime.

The collage of pictures is so intense and compelling that each image seems to convey its tale of agony, sharp and clear, she said. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (CAR) has also allotted the boundary wall of a school inside its office campus for the graffiti art.

An artwork on substance abuse.

Raman Gupta, Joint Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru, noted that the project was relevant and will initiate dialogue among the public as all the three issues are rapidly rising and people have to be sensitised.

DG Udaykumar Bhaskara appreciated the initiative and DGE Satish Madhavan is keen on expanding its scope in the coming Rotary year, said Nivedita.

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