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Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan
Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan

The virtual National PolioPlus and MR (Measles and Rubella) Orientation and Planning Meet organised by the INPPC in August had the ­participation of Union Health Minister Dr Harsh ­Vardhan, IPPC chair Mike ­McGovern, Dr Sunil Bahl, WHO SEARO, and Dr Rija Andriamihantanirina, ­immunisation specialist, UNICEF; TRF trustee chair K R Ravindran, RIDs Bharat Pandya and Kamal Sanghvi, RIPE Shekhar Mehta, Trustee Gulam Vahanvaty, INPPC chair Deepak Kapur and INPPC advisor PRIP Rajendra Saboo.

The district Rotary leaders were urged to lead the polio eradication effort, strengthen efforts to increase routine immunisation and prepare for restoration of supplementary immunisation by midterm in the wake of the global pandemic and lockdown.

World Polio Day

Rotary clubs are encouraged to use Rotary’s World Polio Day resources ( to plan and hold online/virtual events on that day (Oct 24). The toolkit can be downloaded from sites/default/files/wpd_2020_

Rotaract Award

The Rotaract Giving ­Certificate is a new initiative encouraging Rotaractors to actively support TRF with individual gifts. If five members of a club contribute a minimum total of $50, then the club will be awarded the certificate.

Every Rotarian, Every Year

Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) encourages every Rotarian to support the Foundation’s Annual Fund every year to enable it to support ­life-changing, sustainable projects world over. You can find various updated EREY resources on the Annual Fund and SHARE page of My Rotary, ­including: An Every Rotarian, Every Year presentation; and The Every Rotarian, Every Year brochure

Official Directory 2020–21

The board of directors voted last year to discontinue printing the official directory to protect personal data entrusted by members, donors and programme participants. The directory is available to members at My Rotary and is no longer printed, or available in downloadable electronic format.

Through the online official directory, members can easily and securely search for fellow members, find club and district information, view committees, read senior leader biographies, and more.

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