Ajura – The wonder App

Global travellers no more need to worry about the soaring call charges as they make calls across oceans. Thanks to Ajura, the mobile roaming App launched by the telecom corporate, Reve’s Ajura Pte Ltd — it takes away the financial burden of making expensive calls home and allows the traveller to stay connected.

Users can download Ajura from the Google App store, sign up with their regular mobile number and activate the roaming option before they set on their travel. The App detects if the mobile user is online and routes the calls to it. Users can make and receive international calls at 5 to 10 per cent of what a roaming call would normally cost.

A visiting country SIM is not necessary if the user takes all incoming calls on the App but he/she must be connected on a Wi-fi or data network. The SIM card, however, helps the user get cheaper data and be always available for incoming calls while roaming. When the user has a local mobile number in the visiting country, the call can be automatically diverted to that number.

The international roaming facility is available in 54 countries covering North America, most of the European Union countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New ­Zealand and some countries of Africa/Latin America.

What differentiates Ajura from call services of other chat Apps is that the phone calls received on the user’s home mobile number are automatically forwarded to the App, when the user is online — and the person calling need not have downloaded Ajura app.

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