Rotary wheelchairs to mobilise needy people A club delegation will visit Mexico to assemble and donate wheelchairs. Each wheelchair costs $150 which is met through Rotary grants and fundraising events.

From left: HSV Rotary President Steve Wright with Rotarians Lindsey Ray and Paul Bridges.
From left: HSV Rotary President Steve Wright with Rotarians Lindsey Ray and Paul Bridges.

At its April 19 meeting, the Rotary Club of Hot Springs Village (Arkansas, US – D 6170) heard from Rotarians Paul Bridges and Lindsey Ray who, along with Gary Jacobs, will spearhead the club’s effort to provide wheelchairs for people in need, which has been called a life-changing event for both the recipient and the donor.

Announcing the committee’s plan, Bridges said, “We heard the recent programme here about the Wheelchair Project organised by Rotary clubs in northwest Arkansas. It was so moving to see what they do that we wanted to pitch right in.”

Steve Wright, President of HSV Rotary said, “It’s really amazing to see our club react so quickly.”

One of the three ways the group plans to help is through funding from the club’s Rotary grants committee, headed by Gary Jacobs.

Bridges also announced a matching funds programme through June 1 in which each $75 from HSV Rotary members will be matched through fundraising events.

Bridges said that a delegation from the club will visit Mexico next March to assemble and donate wheelchairs to needy people.

“Each wheelchair costs $150,” he said.

“It’s like Rotary’s worldwide effort to provide polio vaccine. This is another way Rotary can make a mark.”

By the time Bridges finished speaking, several Rotarians were pulling out their cheque books. That’s the Rotary way.

Rotary membership is open to all men and women, with guests always welcome at the Hot Springs Village club which meets in the Fireside Dining Room at Good Samaritan Society, 121 Cortez Road, Thursday mornings at 7 am.

Source: Hot Springs Village Voice

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