A dazzling venue

The triple-skyscraper complex that will host part of the 2024 Rotary International Convention in Singapore is sure to rank as one of the coolest sites yet for the global gathering.


To start, that’s how it looks (see pic). Marina Bay Sands has a roof deck resembling a long boat that connects the trio of 57-storey hotel towers and includes an infinity pool. Attending the House of Friendship and breakout sessions in the convention centre below puts you in the heart of a dining, luxury shopping and entertainment megaplex.

Exploring the top attractions is a vacation in itself — one that you can fit conveniently around your convention schedule. Buy a ticket to SkyPark on the roof deck to look over the skyline and the bay. The Shoppes mall features big-name brands, even including kids clothing stores from Dior, Versace, and more.

Book a meal to remember at one of several restaurants by celebrity chefs. Two are recognised with Michelin stars: Cut steakhouse by Wolfgang Puck (one star) and Tetsuya Wakuda’s Waku Ghin (two stars), which offers Japanese fine dining with French and Italian touches.

Take a boat ride on an indoor canal fed with rainwater collected in a giant, transparent bowl outside. A waterfall through a hole in the bowl dumps into a pool inside.

A light and water fountain show called Spectra is free each night. And there’s still a stacked schedule of live shows, an art and science museum, a nightclub with a three-storey spiral slide… discover the rest May 25–29 when you arrive to start Sharing Hope With the World.


Learn more and register at convention.rotary.org.

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