A champion blood donor and polio warrior

PDG Srikanth Chatrapathy, RID 3190
PDG SrikanthChatrapathy, RID 3190

Blood donation was his forte. PDG ­Srikanth Chatrapathy had donated blood 52 times and had organised blood donation camps regularly through his home club, RC ­Bangalore Downtown, RID 3190. “My brother was so passionate for the cause that he would also organise blood donation camps in partnership with TTK Blood Bank and various other organisations. He was much known for championing blood donation as his life’s mission,” says PDG Madhura ­Chatrapathy. PDG Srikanth ­Chatrapathy passed away in Nov 2021.

RC Bangalore Downtown organised a blood donation camp, in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, at the CMR University, Bengaluru, on August 25, ­commemorating his ­birthday under the ­initiative of past ­president Jagadeesh Reddy. It was a landmark programme with a participation of large number of students. “The club has decided to continue the legacy left behind by my brother,” says Madhura who is also a member of the same club.

PDG Srikanth ­Chatrapathy was equally committed to the cause of polio ­eradication, contributing $100 to the Polio Fund every month. He was ­conferred End Polio Fellow recently by TRF.

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