Udhampur gets a retina care centre

Rotary Club of ­Udhampur, ­District 3070, set up a ­retina care centre in the KLSM Rotary Eye and ENT ­Hospital in Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir, last year. The facility was ­inaugurated by RIPN-­designate Sushil Gupta in the presence of the then DG ­Parvinder Jit Singh, ­Hospital ­Chairman D N Sharma, Club President Puran Lal Sharma and the district officials. DGE Sunil Nagpal, DGN Davinder Singh and other past governors of the district were also present.

RIPN-designate Sushil Gupta with IPDG Parvinder Jit Singh and PDG K K Dhir at the inauguration of the retina care centre.

The centre, costing $68,000, was funded through a global grant from TRF, D 6650, USA and D 2770, Japan. Districts 3070 and 3131 also contributed for the cause from their DDF, besides generous ­contributions from Rotary Clubs of Udhampur and Rajouri.

This is the second such centre in the State after a similar one in Srinagar. Earlier people had to travel 500 km to Amritsar for retina care. Hospital Chairman Sharma, also a Rotarian, had assured that treatment will be extended free of cost for the poor and at a subsidised fee for those who can afford it.

The centre will help treat ­macular degeneration, diabetic ­retinopathy and surgical diseases of the retina, macula and vitreous, he said.


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