Super Star Kalakar recognises young artistes

An online ­singing and dance ­competition titled Super Star Kalakar was ­organised as a public image-­building ­programme of RC ­Bharuch Narmada Nagari, RID 3060, and to recognise and ­motivate young talent during the pandemic lockdown.


The club arranged two rounds of livestreaming event for audition and final contest, and they were held on Sundays for the programme to get more traction. Celebrities and Rotary personalities, including IPDG Anish Shah, DG Prashant Jani and DGN Santosh Pradhan, spoke at the event to motivate the contestants and also to spread the message of Rotary.

The entire live ­programme was planned and designed by women Rotarians and spouses of members with ­support from Event Chairman Sahejada Pathan.

Out of around 160 participants, 95 made it to the grand finale in both singing and dance categories. Club President Shailesh Shah and Event Co-chair Punam Seth provided support to make the show a success.

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