Reviving Chennai

Whenever a challenge arises, Rotarians work hard to rise to the occasion.
revival kits_01
Revival kits getting assembled at the 10,000 square foot facility on the campus of Dr MGR Janaki College of Arts and Science for Women, Chennai. Photo Courtesy: K Vishwanathan

Following the torrential rains which lashed Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu, Rotarians of RI District 3230 quickly put up the “Revive Chennai” project, headed by DRFC Muthu Palaniappan. It aims to provide the flood-affected Chennaiites 50,000 revival kits containing 40 essential items.

A 10,000 sq ft facility was set up on the campus of Dr MGR Janaki College of Arts and Science for Women in Chennai to pack and distribute revival kits. “The volunteers have worked round the clock with devotion and the results are phenomenal,” says Sangeetha S, store manager of the unit. During the rains, food and water were supplied through community kitchens at several locations. Next, medical camps were set up to combat epidemics that normally follow due to waterborne contamination. The need of the hour was to rehabilitate every household washed away by the flood. Kits costing Rs 3,300 and comprising essential items such as a stove, vessels, rice, dhal, oil, salt, water, basic clothing, etc., packed neatly in a metal trunk box, were made ready.

“We have partnered with Equitas, a microfinance organisation, for identifying flood victims and helping them,” says Palaniappan.  After identifying over 50,000 people, the Rotarians visited the affected areas to assess the damage. Through bar-coding, duplication is avoided.

Apart from Rotarians, Rotaractors, other volunteers in this project came from IT companies and city colleges.

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