On the racks – September 2021


Service Above Self – The Biography of M K Panduranga Setty

Author        : Vedam Jaishankar M Satyanarayan
Publisher   : Vimal Publication
Pages          : 292

With a foreword by RI President Shekhar Mehta, this book is an interesting account of the life of PRID Panduranga Setty. From his first trip to Switzerland as a nervous boy to becoming a well-known educationist and industrialist of Karnataka, this book narrates the story of Setty, his successful career and journey in the Rotary world. Over the years he learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature, followed an arduous work ethic, and took up charitable work. The book gives readers a ringside view of his life as a member of RC Bangalore for the last 54 years, his achievements and the service he has rendered. It also highlights how he developed a strong network of friends and rich experiences which aided him in doing good in the world.



A Kashmiri Century

Author        : Khemlata Wakhlu
Publisher   : HarperCollins
Pages          : 356; ₹388

Written by former cabinet minister Khemlata Wakhlu, a Kashmiri, this book delves into the lives of Hindus and Muslims living in the valley. We get a glimpse of the Kashmir that Khemlata grew up in, its ethos and culture over several centuries. Having been ruled by kings from diverse faiths and cultures, the region has undergone various cycles of social, cultural and religious changes which have impacted the life of the Kashmiris. The stories in the book are an insight into Kashmiri society, its evolution and how the people dealt with the valley’s bitter past. It highlights the natural beauty of the region, its contributions to Indian literature and its vibrant flora and fauna. The stories are based on the author’s personal experiences and her intimate understanding of what it means to be a Kashmiri-speaking native.



A Different Route to Success

Author       : Ramesh Narayan
Publisher  : Notion Press
Pages         : 110; ₹299

Giving readers a peek into his professional life, the author examines the factors that contributed to his success in the advertising field. The founder of Canco Advertising was quite active in this field for well over two decades, before retiring at 50 for good. The author narrates anecdotes from his own life making the book an interesting read. He elaborates on what success means to him and the journey that took him to where he is today. Genius is not the only important thing that determines a person’s success, Narayan states, and explains that practical learning is critical to attain professional goals. According to him there is “no one formula for success. Nor one route to this holy grail.” The self-help book tells his success story in simple language with a mix of interesting anecdotes, honest insights and a different look at success.

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