On the racks – December 2019


Nail in the pillow: Collection of Twisted Tales

Author            : Mohan Menon
Publisher       : Notion Press
Pages              : 200; 299

Shock and surprise are the riveting guns of this short story collection. While the sun is shining and the birds are singing, you are abducted and plunged into a journey through the shadowy, quirky side of human nature. Complacency goes out of the window as you are swept along helplessly.

Mohan Menon’s slim volume of short stories is a page-turner and comes with a caution ‘Do not Read After Dark’. All the 25 stories are relatable in terms of the scene and context in which they are set and have an unexpected twist in the end. Covered succinctly in 198 pages, these tales will leave you in a state of heightened surprise and uneasiness. Written in a simple style, the book is eminently readable.



The Lean and Happy Home

Author            : Eva Jarlsdotter
Publisher       : Yellow Kite
Pages              : 128; 399

In seven simple steps this book will help you remove waste: wasted money, energy and resources give you the gift of time. The book lists a set of principles embraced by the most creative and dynamic organisations around the world, and for the first time, Swedish social entrepreneur Eva Jarlsdotter applies them to family life.

Embracing the Japanese ‘stream’ technique, the author shows you how to systematically create and maintain order. From kaizen (continuous improvement) to kanban (visual planning), these principles will bring harmony and a sense of flow to your home. No more time wasted searching for your keys, important paperwork or your internet banking password; no more throwing away food past its shelf life or arguing about the mess; no more feeling on the backfoot all the time. This transformative book will also empower children to take responsibility for their belongings and follow their schedules, thus lessening the burden on parents.



Pangat, a Feast: Food and Lore from Marathi Kitchen

Author            : Saee Koranne-Khandekar
Publisher       : Hachette India
Pages              : 360; 599

Bringing together over 200 traditional recipes, this enriching book introduces food enthusiasts to special masalas, cooking techniques and elaborate meal spreads using a range of produce. Its delightful stories and anecdotes vividly detail the characteristic food traits of the several communities that inhabit the region.

From the deeply-spiced Kolhapuri mutton sukka to the tamarind-based thecha, from a never-fail formula for frying fish to the wholesome chakolya ‘pasta’ and variants of karanji, the recipes in this book will at once enhance your culinary skills and palate.

In this delectable compendium of recipes and stories, culinary researcher Saee Koranne-Khandekar debunks the myths surrounding the foods of Maharashtra and reveals the versatility and sheer variety of its food traditions.

Endorsed by noted food writer Kunal Vijayakar and celebrated chef Ranveer Brar, the book is a treasure trove on the  traditional recipes of the region.

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