Letters to the Editor – June 2023


The article A real-life Bajrangi Bhaijaan story throws light on an excellent humanitarian service, a role model for us. We discussed this project with other Lion clubs. Best compliments to all those involved, directly or indirectly.

Arun Kumar, Lions Club of Allahabad, UP

The retention challenge

RID A S Venkatesh’s advice on retaining members is excellent and timed appropriately. Thank you, RI director, for enlightening us on this critical issue.

Mahesh Trikha, RC Delhi South East — D 3011

It has been only 12 days since I joined a Rotary club. First, I took part in the RLI for two days and then became a Rotarian. Yes, retention is a big challenge in Rotary. My suggestion is that never expose a beginner like me to the Rotary Foundation. A structured framework is needed so that details like TRF are imparted to the new members in a phased manner.

Anilkumar Naik, RC Navi Mumbai Samaritan — D 3142

Combining service and fun trip

The article on the fun trip to Turkey to help quake victims (April issue) is interesting. Rotarians from RID 3000 led by DG I Jerald have reached out to the quake-hit people of Turkey with timely relief material. Project chair C R Venkatesh says in a record three days they were able to raise ₹15 lakh for the Turkey Relief Fund. Rotarians are used to helping people in distress and 125 Rotarians who went to Turkey donated the relief ­material to people who are in charge of relief work. Our greetings to the ­large-hearted Rotarians from RID 3000.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

Inappropriate words

The article A cinema treat for the blind in Mumbai is badly titled as it should read “for the visually-impaired, visually-challenged or visually-handicapped.” We are Rotarians and we should be more humane.

K Gopal Ratnam, RC Madras — D 3232

I am a great admirer of your articles and editorials in the Rotary News over long. Therefore it pained me to read the words “deaf and dumb” in your May editorial. We in Rotary run schools for the deaf and mute and take pains to educate the public that those who cannot speak are not “dumb”. Your use of these words was inappropriate.

Quresh Maskati, RC Bombay North, RID 3141

I agree that the use of “deaf and dumb” was inappropriate and best avoided. The error is regretted, and correction made in the online version.

But the word ‘blind’, when used to describe a physical condition is not derogatory. It becomes so when used metaphorically to denote ignorance, lack of awareness, such as “blind faith, blind prejudice”, etc. Hence the usage in this article was totally appropriate.


Outstanding editions of Rotary News


The cover photo of the May issue with a group of village women at a watershed project of RC Madras Coromandel was delightful. Happy to read about this project in Krishnagiri which changed the life of the villagers there. A real-life Bajrangi Bhaijaan story is heartening and read-worthy, and the role of Rotarians is praiseworthy.

RI President Jennifer Jones’ remark that Rotary is a place where we know we are not alone is noteworthy. I am glad to know that the new Rotary year’s focus will be on mental health, as announced by RIPE Gordon R McInally.

The Editor’s note is an eye-opener to encourage and improve our services to the community. RID Mahesh Kotbagi explains well the importance of setting goals for a successful life and RID A S ­Venkatesh stresses the importance of retaining members in Rotary. TRF trustee chair Ian Riseley tells us how carefully the TRF funds are used in Rotary, while trustee Bharat Pandya urges Rotarians to donate liberally to the Annual Fund. The Lakshya moments photos are colourful.

Other articles like Rotarians transform a village near Bokaro, A cinema treat for the blind in ­Mumbai, From Kerala to Ladakh on a Rotary Peace Mission, Egypt, the land of Pharaohs, and A community marriage for disabled couples are all informative and well-written. Many thanks for the write-up on Shankar-Jaikishan, a trailblazer in Bollywood music. It is sad to read about the passing away of PDG Rekha Shetty who was one of the shining stars of Rotary as stated by PRIP Shekhar Mehta. The May issue is outstanding.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

It was a feast to the eyes and the soul to read the April issue. The pages were studded with action photographs of beneficiaries, students learning skills and Rotarians doing projects for a better future. The issue carried articles on the various avenues of services like the Rotary Youth Exchange programme and it was really a satisfying experience going through the pages.

Congrats to the entire team working relentlessly every month to provide good reading material in Rotary News.

Radheshyam Modi, RC Akola — D 3030

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the invaluable work that you are doing in keeping Rotarians around the world informed and updated about the various projects Rotary undertakes. Your dedication in sharing news and stories from the Rotary community is truly remarkable, and I am constantly inspired by the stories you publish. Rotary News is a platform for us to connect, learn from one another, and feel enlightened.

Bipan Sethi, RC Ahmedgarh — D 3090


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