Let’s champion positive health

Dear Rotary Family,

As we embrace the spirit of December, a month of reflection and celebration, I find myself humbled by the privilege of serving as a Rotary International director. This role has granted me the extraordinary opportunity to witness the incredible, innovative endeavours taking place in districts and clubs across our great nation.

Rotarians, December prompts us to pause and assess the progress we’ve made thus far. Reflect on the strides your club has taken in membership development, project completion, Foundation and Polio Fund contributions, and the realisation of goals set at the beginning of the year. Let this be a time not just for celebration but for strategic evaluation, ensuring our actions align with our vision for a better world.

Rotarians are a force of change, and our power lies not only in our numbers but in the diverse life skills we bring to the table. Our backgrounds equip us with the tools of time management, delegation and the ability to transform visions into measurable goals. These skills, vital in our personal and professional lives, find new purpose within the framework of Rotary.

December, designated as Disease Prevention and Treatment month, calls us to extend our hands further to those in need. Over 400 million individuals worldwide lack access to basic healthcare, and our commitment to proper healthcare for all has never been more crucial. Let us promote awareness and prevention of diseases like polio, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, alleviating pain, poverty and misery. As Rotarians, our mission is not just to respond but to proactively contribute to a healthier world.

As part of our commitment to a healthier world, our ongoing awareness campaign, Project Positive Health, encourages a simple approach: ‘One Spoon Less of Sugar, Oil, and Salt, and Four Steps More of Walking.’ This initiative aims to tackle lifestyle diseases. Let’s wholeheartedly support this within our clubs and districts, recognising the invaluable well-being of each Rotarian for the service they provide. Additionally, let’s extend our efforts by promoting and organising campaigns and health camps within communities, guiding them toward a healthier life.

In the warmth and comfort of our homes, let’s acknowledge our blessings and express gratitude for the ability to make a difference through Rotary. To the clubs that have initiated new projects, collaborated with other clubs and stakeholders, welcomed new members to Rotary, contributed to The Rotary Foundation, and the Rotarians offering time, energy, enthusiasm, or financial support — a heartfelt thank you. As we enter this holiday season, I wish each of you the most blessed and joyous moments. May kindness and love fill your lives and homes, and may our collective efforts in Rotary continue to illuminate the path toward a brighter, healthier, and a more compassionate world.

Raju Subramanian
RI Director, 2023–25

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