Getting Back To The Roots

Rotarians operate the power tiller donated to the Sansthan.
Rotarians operate the power tiller donated to the Sansthan.

Agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy. Yet today’s youngsters seem to be moving to big cities or abroad lured by the white collar jobs that would earn them lakhs and dollars from the comfort of air-conditioned rooms.

Thankfully, the grass is still green for some people who have a passion to grow crops and love the smell of the soil. Rotary gives a helping hand to them to pursue agriculture.

Rotary Club of Mumbai Versova, D 3140, under a District Grant project, reached out to Uttan Krishi Sanshodhan Sanstha at Bhayandar in Thane District. The project included installation of a green shade net house and donation of farm equipment to the centre. The total project cost was Rs 9 lakh; with Rs 3 lakh from the District Grant, the Rotarians of the club pitched in with the balance amount.

Equipment such as power tiller, spray pump and mud pump were donated to the centre. Fruits and vegetables can now be grown in the green house. There would be an improved productivity and better yield which would in turn fetch higher revenue for the Sanstha, says Rtn Rajesh Choudhary, the Project-in-charge.

The centre is an ideal location for krishi research and education. Their institute, Keshav Shruti Krishi Tantra Vidyalaya offers a three year residential diploma course in farming. Around 180 children of farmers are pursuing the course and every year at least 60 students are admitted for agri-studies. The club’s service would expose the children to sophisticated equipment and inculcate interest in cultivation and plantations amongst students.

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