NGO on lookout for more e-teachers

Children learn lessons in their local language digitally thanks to E-vidyaloka’s volunteers.
Children learn lessons in their local language digitally in a school in Bengaluru thanks to E-vidyaloka’s volunteers.

Many IT professionals and teachers who volunteer to teach rural students through digital classrooms drop out due to job pressure, marriage or maternity.

E-vidyaloka, a Bengaluru-based NGO, that works for education of rural children, is looking for 280 teachers to teach at 28 schools in Karnataka.

Venkat Sriraman, founder of E-Vidyaloka, says, “When we started our services in Karnataka in 2014-15, there were about 40 teachers.That number gets doubled every year, but we still need about 280 teachers.”

For more details, read: New Indian Express 

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