A successful fundraiser in Taiwan


Ni hao, Rotarians!

We just had our first-ever fundraiser in Taiwan for The Rotary Foundation — and it was a great success.

The Taiwan AKS Members Association organised the event in August in Taipei. We were treated to an inspirational speech by ­Ravishankar Dakoju of the Rotary Club of Bangalore Orchards, India, in District 3190. He shared why he contributes his time and money — and why he’s an organ donor. His generosity is legendary, and he wants to help the world in any way he can. His speech touched everyone who attended the event.

We are pleased and honoured to announce that the final total for the fundraiser was $5.5 million. We have 11 new Arch Klumph Society members contributing at the Chair’s Circle level ($500,000 to $999,999) and 14 at the Trustees Circle level ($250,000 to $499,999). Thank you to our generous donors in Taiwan!

At great events like this one, I am reminded how Rotary gives us something good that we can all do together. Our service puts us in touch with so many interesting people from all over the world. When we meet, we hear about projects of all kinds, and it is always inspirational. And we never stop learning from one another.

This provides such a wonderful lesson to our children. We share with them the importance of fellowship and forming new bonds with other people. We also show them what is really important in life: making connections, improving life for those in need, and doing all we can for others. Rotary is the best education a family can have.

I am excited that Rotary President Mark Daniel Maloney has made expanding the family of Rotary a priority. We must bring our family members to Rotary events and do all we can to encourage them to be part of this wonderful organisation. And through The Rotary Foundation, we can make these family connections part of our legacy. You are never too young or too old for Rotary.

So give your high-five to Rotary and find ways to bring your family into Rotary. It’s the most wonderful gift you can share with the people you love.

Gary C K Huang
Foundation Trustee Chair

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