A Peace messenger

Rtn Chandrakant Chaudhari addressing the Rotarians at Sri Lanka.
Rtn Chandrakant Chaudhari addressing the Rotarians at Sri Lanka.

Every Rotary club must have a SAARC Committee that will develop and implement comprehensive plans for promoting goodwill and lasting friendship among the SAARC nations. This was a suggestion made by Rtn Chandrakant Chaudhari of RC Aurangabad Metro, D 3132, when addressing a joint meet of nine Rotary clubs in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The peace summit was hosted by RC Colombo Capital City, D 3220. Chaudhari was on a two-week tour of the island nation to exchange ideas on promoting and sustaining peace among SAARC nations.

So what message has he carried from the tour? “I am an enriched person now. I learnt a lot from the Sri Lankan Rotarians and had an interesting peek into their rich culture and economy. I strongly feel that person to person, we do not have any issues or hard feelings against each other. That is the most important aspect to develop respect and love for each other.”

Sharing of vocational knowledge, encouraging sister club projects, exchanging cultural troupes across borders and organising inter­-district/club conferences were few other ideas Chaudhuri discussed with Sri Lankan Rotarians to foster healthy relationships between countries.

Visiting Bangladesh is next on his agenda. He is excited about the three-day peace summit to be hosted by the District at Aurangabad during February 20–23, 2016. “We have already received registrations from 15 Rotarians from Nigeria, 2 from Pakistan and 16 from Sri Lanka so far,” he said.

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