A good Samaritan Rotarian

In a joint initiative, RCs Jaunpur, RID 3120, and Mumbai Khar, RID 3141, had sponsored the forearm surgery of an underprivileged woman living in a village near Jaunpur, a small town in Uttar Pradesh.

Renu Gautam, after the surgery, with Rotarians.

While travelling in an Uber cab for a Rotary project, Krishna Kumar, member of RC Mumbai Khar, overheard the driver talking over phone with relatives and a doctor, and getting distressed. Being a doctor himself, Kumar enquired with the driver who replied that his wife had a fall and fractured her right forearm. But to his dismay, in spite of the treatment, the fracture had not healed and now required a surgery, “the cost of which the driver could not afford,” said Kumar. He immediately contacted RC Jaunpur president Sujeet Agrahari who “responded positively to help out the driver’s family.”

They found Renu Gautam, the patient, was having high blood sugar and “we put her under medical observation for a week.” Finally, she was operated and discharged after three days. All the surgical and other expenses amounting to ₹66,000 was shared between the two clubs. Kumar was much relieved with the outcome and expressed his thanks to the team of doctors and Rotarians from both the clubs, including RC Mumbai Khar president Vijay Udani.

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