Digitising Schools in Tamil Nadu


I truly value the enormous efforts of the Rotarians to upgrade government and government-aided schools in Tamil Nadu to become E-learning centres. This will make education more enjoyable and easy for the children, especially in the rural belts, where they can’t even speak fluently,” says a government school teacher, one of the 110 teachers attending the Training Seminar for Teachers on E-learning conducted by Rotarians of Districts 2981, 2982 and 6270 (USA) at Excel Engineering College, Komarapalayam. The Zonal Literacy Coordinator N Asoka and District Literacy Committee Chairman Dr AK Natesan addressed the teachers on Rotary’s Literacy programme and asked them to take E-learning to underprivileged children.

This Global Grant project initiated by PDG SP Balasubramaniam, D 2980, last year was approved now, by which time the District got bifurcated into 2981 and 2982. Partnered by D 6270, RC Elmbrook (Brookfield), D 6270 and TRF, and with a total contribution of $81,345 E-learning kits were provided to 60 schools. Each school received a CPU, projector, video projection screen and speakers. DVDs covering the State promoted syllabus up to class 6 and training for the teachers were given by Vedha Systems, Pondicherry owned by Rtn V Sunder, who also supplied the laptops and study material for the training seminar.

This computer-aided teaching “is attractive and will create an interest in the students and encourage them to continue their studies,” says DG Dr Gunasekaran, D 2981. URLs enabling easy selection of content from websites were emailed to the teachers who will be periodically trained to upgrade their computer skills.

DG Vasu, D 2982 says, “Learning will now be more fun compared to a text book as it will bring the world before the students.”

“Schools with lesser staff strength and almost nil infrastructures will benefit the most,” says DRFC R Selvarangam.

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