Your Comments – November 2014

Change for better

The Holistic Thoughts by ­Mahatria Ra are an eye opener. As he rightly says there is no rewinding of time and our present and future are in our own hands to prove our ­abilities. So let us think about today and tomorrow positively, and change for better.

Rtn. B. Pasupathi
RC Dalmiapuram
RI District 3000


Welcome new Editor

I congratulate our RI President, Gary C.K. Huang for his new idea ‘Light up Rotary through ­celebrating Rotary Days’ and welcome the new Editor Rasheeda Bhagat and convey my ­appreciation to her and her team for an ­interesting September 2014 issue.

Rtn. Dr A.K. Das
RC Malda
RI District 3240

I thank Rasheeda Bhagat for ­introducing the readers to ­Achyuta Samanta, the founder of the ­amazing institutions KISS and KIIT. KISS ­provides residential care and ­education from KG to PG and even Ph.D., to thousands of tribal children coming from remote Odisha. Your versatility in the use of language is brilliant. I hope you will write about more such unsung Messiahs in the coming issues.

Rtn. Col. Gopinathan
RC Wadakkanchery
RI District 3201



Heartiest ­Congratulations for being appointed as the Editor of Rotary News. Please accept my compliments for an excellent ­September 2014 issue. Your cover story: ‘A Life worth Living,’ ‘A Sunday Family Treat’ and your Editorial are very interesting. It’s also a matter of pride for us to have one of the Rotary awardees in the field of journalism on our board. You connecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inspiring speech with real life examples are really touching.

Rtn. Atul Bhide
RC Thane Hills
RI District 3140


I appreciate the article on Sridhar Vembu in the September issue and his focus on democratisation of ­education. We want more articles of this type in Rotary News in future.

The Editor’s note on awakening the youth and making them more conscious about their role in our elections was inspiring.

Rtn. Arun Kumar Dash
RC Baripada
RI District 3262

I am regular reader of Rotary News. The new look and design of the ­September issue made reading more interesting, specially ‘No Blind Moves’ by Jaishree and ‘Making Herbal Salt’ by Rasheeda Bhagat. Hats off to the Editorial team; my club wishes you all the best.

Rtn Rajiv Saigal
RC Bhusawal
RI District 3030


Four-way Test

Congratulations for an excellent layout and extensive coverage in the October issue, be it the Membership Seminars in the Districts or the projects in the clubs with excellent photographs and good text. ­Mahatria Ra’s column is welcome as I am one of his fans. The ‘First Thoughts’ of RID PT Prabhakar on the 4-Way Test has hit the nail on the head. The change to Rotary News is welcome, let it continue to change for the better.

Rtn. Nan Narayenen
RC Madurai West
RI District 3000


Unsung Heroes

The write-up on DGN 2016–17 Meet in the October issue of Rotary News was excellent. The change in Rotary News content is obvious and impressive, specially the coverage of districts and special projects. The ­editorial team deserves credit for the improved content. The DGN meet article covered a landmark meeting, which would inspire future leaders. However DGN 3140 Gopal ­Mandhania, DGN 3190 HR Anant and  DGN 3090 Sanjay Gupta, also deserve a big round of cheer for their hard work to make this event a huge success.

DGN Dr Pramod Kumar
RI District 3120

We’re with you

Rotary News is very informative, educative and useful for all of us. In his column ‘President Speaks,’ the RI ­President’s appeal to all ­Rotarians to support the ­youngsters serving in Rotaract and Interact motivates us. After all, they are the Rotarians of Tomorrow. Grow by reading in ‘Literacy’ page gives knowledge to set up Library, and Holistic Thoughts ‘Your future begins today’ by Sri Mahatria Ra is truly inspiring.

Rtn. Sachibhai
RC Bhanjanagar
RI District 3262

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