The Key to Heaven Dada Vaswani, born Jashan ­Pahlajrai Vaswani, is a spiritual leader and heads the Sadhu ­Vaswani Mission, that has its ­centres spread out across the world. A recipient of U-Thant Peace Award, he has addressed the ­British House of ­Commons, the World ­Parliament of Religions, Chicago and the ­Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations, New York, and several other gatherings.


A man once had a dream in which he saw that he stood at the gates of Paradise.

And in the dream he saw a learned Rabbi who said, “I long to enter Heaven. I studied the Holy Books day and night!”

“Wait!” said the Angel. “We shall know from your earthly record if you studied the Books in reverence for the prophets or for the sake of social applause.”

Then in the dream appeared another learned man.

He said, “I long to enter Paradise. I fasted much.”

“Wait,” said the Angel. “We shall first enquire if your motives were pure.”

Then appeared in the dream another man. Simple was he. He said, “I long to enter Paradise. A few fragments of my bread I shared each day with a man who limped and could not earn his daily bread, and I swept his floor and I filled his water-jar every day. And I prayed, “O Lord! Make me a servant of those who suffer and are in pain every day!”

And the Angel said, “Blessed amongst mortals art thou! Thou hast attained the Abode of the Immortals. The gates of Heaven are opened unto thee!”

Give, give, give! Share what you have with others, and you will be richer in material and spiritual terms.

By the Law of Attraction, if you believe in it, the universe is replying to you with your own voice.

Say, “I want more” and the universe will say, “I want more!”

Try saying and doing: “I want to give more!” and trust that the universe will also say to you, “I want to give more!”

A friend said to me, “You know Dada I think what Sadhu Vaswani said to us is scientifically accurate.”

“Please explain it to me,” I requested him.

“When you give, it creates a vacuum in the space of your wealth. By the law of Universe, we know nature absorbs a vacuum. In no time, the empty space will be filled up. God will send us more wealth.”

After a pause he asked me, “Do you agree?”

“How can I disagree with the voice of experience?” I replied with a smile. “You have given away your wealth to help others, and you have had your vacuum filled. You know it, because you have experienced it.”

Giving to others actually connects you to greater source of abundance and prosperity.

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