Rotarians groom students


The Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Mumbai jointly organised Udaan Icon 2016, an exclusive two-day meet for school children. The event, held at Jaihind College and ­Bhaidas auditorium in the metro, was executed by RI District 3141 with a team comprising Avenue Chair (Youth Services) Hussain Rassai, District ­Rotaract Representative Rohan Dalmia, Convener Gool Ghadially and co-convener Dipshika Srivastav, among others.

The Interact District Conference offered a platform for students to hone their skills in personality development, public speaking, nurture confidence and above all, groomed them to be team players.  Giving a perspective of this two-day jamboree, Rassai said, “In the history of Rotary clubs in Mumbai, this Interactors conference was a first of its kind to showcase their talent in fine arts, literary and management fields.” The lead club, RC Mumbai Juhu, was supported by Rotary Clubs of Bombay, Bombay West, Bombay Pier, Bombay Cuffe Parade, Bombay North, Bombay Seaface, Bombay Kandivli, Bombay Airport, Bombay Queen City and the Rotaract clubs.

Following the inauguration by DG Gopal Rai Mandhania, the stage was set for film star Boman Irani to  regale the audience with a humorous speech in his inimitable style filled with witty anecdotes. “Irani gave an inspirational talk that was both focused and hilarious. The feedback we got from the schools was encouraging. We will make the Interactors event an annual feature attracting students from in and around Mumbai,” said Rassai. Around 900 students from 60 schools across Mumbai participated in the meet.

A rotating trophy was instituted. In the maiden event, MVM School bagged the trophy. “We want to make the Interact Conference a memorable one for city schools and to this end, the Udaan Icon trophy will be the most sought after prize among students,” he added.

Including the differently-abled

As an extension of the programme, RC Bombay West and Rotaract Club of Mithibai had a similar event for paraplegic children with special needs at Bhaidas auditorium. Not deterred by physical constraints, they put up a grand show with a competitive spirit.

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