Letters to the Editor – June 2020


Exemplary service by RC Mumbai Queen’s Necklace

The cover picture in the May issue stole my heart by capturing the sublime innocence and beauty of a boy’s joy, moving me to tears. On his face was both hunger and desire, happiness and expectation, as he looked forward to the prospect of a sumptuous meal with a big tiffin container in front of him. What an expressive picture; it appealed to our finer sensibilities.

Kudos to Rotarians from Mumbai Queen’s Necklace who have alleviated the hunger of such children. God has created the needy and poor, but also Rotarians with large hearts to give the less fortunate.

A Chandrasekharan, RC Tiruchirapalli Fort — D 3000

It’s heartening to note the humanitarian service by RC Mumbai Queen’s Necklace to provide one lakh meals a day to needy people during the ­lockdown. The club shows us how to co-ordinate with NGOs, donors. Good to see this work being done under a woman president, Sonal Jhaveri.

Veeranna A Huggi, RC Shimoga — D 3182

When women disappear

The editorial titled When women “disappear” is exemplary, turning the spotlight on global crimes against women and calls for a meaningful world order post Covid-19. In ­Snapshots, DG Dhiran Datta’s adorning his car with Rotary’s six focus area images shows his commitment to Rotary. The Enchanting serenity of Munnar is well-narrated by TCA Srinivasa ­Raghavan. Thane Rotarians deserve applause for collecting funds for Bharat ke veer.

The two RI Directors’ messages are impactful, as also the RC Calcutta cover story. The starting of RLI by PDG ­Prabhat K Rohatgi is amazing. A tribute to Laharry by Clifford A ­Randall is interesting. Congratulations for bringing out the April issue despite the lockdown.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

In the April editorial, Rasheeda elaborates on the multiple problems faced by women in Mexico and how they protested against gender discrimination by disappearing for a day.

RI President Mark Maloney during his visit to Sri Lanka noted that a small country has contributed two great leaders — PRIP K R Ravindran and a Toastmasters International president. The Sri Lankan clubs were once part of D 3000 and were later bifurcated to form a separate district.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

The April editorial on the novel protest by Mexican women is quite a revelation. During the ­on-going Covid-19 pandemic, the role of women as frontline warriors in medical, police and health departments has increased and has to be appreciated by all. There are no words to express their boundless service to society.

R Gnanakumar, RC Virudhunagar — D 3212

RI Director Bharat Pandya in the April issue highlighted the greater need to practise social distancing to ward off Covid-19, and asked Rotarians to conduct training events and club meetings via online platforms. Virtual meetings will attract young professionals and women into Rotary’s fold, he said. Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu has urged youngsters to take agriculture as a profession, and Rotary to train youth to become agri-entrepreneurs.

The article Relax in your Truth is a must read, telling us how to spend our lives aiming for both positive development and relaxation to avoid stress.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — D 3090

The article Manipal gets a Rotary Skin Bank (Feb issue) was ­excellently edited, well-written and covered all the details. Thank you Team Rotary News. You are doing a good job.

Dr Sesappa A Rai, RC Manipal Town — D 3182

Reduce membership dues

Rotary has decided to give importance to members’ health by cancelling the RI Convention in ­Honolulu, and will have a virtual meet. All RI Board meetings, global events will be done virtually. RI directors won’t be funded to attend an institute outside their zone DG and other club meets will be held virtually for rest of the year. All this will save big money.

But we should also spare some thoughts for Rotarians who have also been hit hard by the pandemic. Instead of giving them relief, the decision to raise membership dues by $1 in the next year is yet to be revoked. This along with ever fluctuating dollar exchange rate can topple a club’s budget. Our RI Directors must take up this issue with the Board. Reducing the club fee will help in retention.

Dr Binu Mathew, RC Alleppey East — D 3211

Please accept my compliments for bringing out an excellent Rotary magazine. Every issue demonstrates the potential of journalism to inform and promote worthwhile causes. Apart from the articles, the detailed photo captions illustrate the professionalism of your editorial team. In group pictures, every person is named and accurately identified, something no other NGO magazine does.

S R Madhu, RC Madras , South — D 3232

The X-factor in corona crisis

Covid pandemic has laid bare the vast gulf between our perceptions of various professions and the reality. Medical personnel have risked their lives in combating this deadly virus. At the same time, civil servants ­ranging from district officials and police to banking and transport crew have toiled tirelessly to keep the situation under control. These people had dispelled the general perception about their corruption, lethargy, inefficiency and greed.

Farmers have yet again proved that they are the backbone of the country as the health crisis has more than justified the sops and subsidies given to them. We can now understand their pain as they face uncertainties like crop failures, market fluctuations and natural calamities.

Covid-19 has taught us about the importance of interdependence in society. Rotary is an amazing platform to play a vital role in contributing to relief efforts in various ways. Let’s hope for better days soon.

Shrikanth Kolathaya, RC Puttur — D 3181


RC Calcuta shows the way

The April issue has impressive content, and a mix of Rotary and general interest topics. The most appealing is RC  Calcutta’s glorious 100 years and the tribute to Nitish C Laharry. We are proud to note the club’s historic growth, diverse service activities, and luminaries ­including the Dalai Lama and Field Marshal Sam ­Manekshaw addressing it.

Our first PM ­Jawaharlal Nehru attended the Asia Regional conference in Delhi, chaired by ­Laharry in 1958.  Surprisingly Nehru also attended (­unescorted) a social gathering held separately and spoke very highly of Laharry.

All clubs in India should follow in the footsteps of RC Calcutta and try to replicate its extraordinary work. Our compliments to the club and the magazine.

Both April and May issues have useful and interesting content relevant to the Covid-19 pandemic including the article on social connectedness by Sheela Nambiar. In the In Brief column, I loved the good work done by the 54 migrant workers ­quarantined in a government school building at Palsana in Sikar district, Rajasthan. As a token of gratitude, they repaired and painted the school building that gave them shelter. Thanks to Rotary News for bringing us such motivating snippets.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai Midtown — D 3000

The article Children’s Treat by RC Calcutta inspires us to take up one such project in our club. The act of kindness  and devotion shown to the kids for the past 95 years is really a great service. My best wishes to the club for such great work.

B A Prabushankar, RC Coimbatore Industrial City — D 3201

Relief not to see pics of senior leaders

I have enjoyed the May 2020 issue including your editorial. After a long long time, the magazine is devoid of reports and photographs of felicitation events, interviews and senior Rotary leaders, their family members and speeches of past, present and future Rotary leaders from India. It is heartening to see the photograph of PRID Sushil Gupta along with Mark Balla in the article on WinS in India.

This issue is a wonderful treat as it covers Rotary ­programmes and projects done by various districts and clubs.Old Rotarians like me appreciate and welcome this change. Maybe the Covid-19 lockdown reduced your choice!

Sampathkumar, RC Coimbatore Elite — D 3201

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